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Tom Clancy’s The Division

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One of the biggest this year, online games – beautiful, with an interesting plot and great battles that will suit best for the company from two to four people
The success of The Division for a long time did not believe not only we, but also, it seems, even the developers themselves. Two-plus years ago, Ryan Barnard Project Director intimidated frank story about his disappointment in the online players. Allegedly, they have become so aggressive to each other, which may alienate newcomers, even from the most interesting project. A few months later another unnamed source from The Division told the development team, Ubisoft is that there are no ideas about how the game should work. Finally, no matter what good is not hinted at and the constant postponement of the release date of the project.
But soon after its release, it became clear that The Division – one of the best years of online games (of the competitors is allocated only Overwatch). Conceptually, it develops Destiny idea where the whole world revolves around your character. With other players here vzaimodeystvuesh only in strictly defined moments – they do not get underfoot, do not spoil the mood and do not steal “your” story. In contrast, by Destiny, which the events took place in tiny locations scattered throughout the solar system, the world is The Division is much more solid and convincing – developers recreated in detail a huge chunk of New York.
Developers The Division is not alien to the sense of humor – for example, one of the strong points of the authorities in the former New York office of Ubisoft
New York The Division is almost dead – it overflowed organized bioterrorists epidemic of influenza and smallpox. The city closed for quarantine, military bandits losing the war, and the citizens, deprived of food and medicine to survive as best he can. To salvage the situation, the government uses the so-called “sleeping” agents – elite operatives, which are specially prepared for emergencies.
By the standards of the genre online in The Division is very detailed story, understand that – is a pleasure. For example, over time, it turns out that besides the usual bandits operating in the city and other groups – from “cleaner” who believe that we should kill all the carriers of the epidemic (ie ordinary citizens) to private military companies hired by businessmen to rescue assets. His contribution to the history of making the side missions, random events in the streets, found audio diaries and virtual “reconstruction” of what happened previously.
The liberation of the city begins with the organization’s databases – it repulsed the bandits, then the player collects three experts to give access to additional compartments: the medical, technical and safety compartment. Completing tasks, the player gets special points that can be invested in the development of the compartments and gain access to new abilities – so developers disguised pumping system. It has the character and the usual level, but it primarily affects the available equipment.
The game has an excellent card design – especially multi-level developers love the location, where a victory with the enemy has to be worn on the stairs
Following the base of the player starts to release strong points in different areas of the city. Each item provides access to new missions, as the plot, as well as an additional which The Division made, perhaps best of all – the job varied, necessarily provided with a story, some of them are divided into several stages. Armed forces are trying to impose order on the streets of a virtual New York life of its own – and no one stops to accede to have begun at a nearby crossroads battle: Become a witness of interesting events is possible and even just walking the streets.
In terms of gameplay The Division – a third person shooter with shelters. You can play alone, but then significantly lost pace – in every enemy is necessary to put a yoke on the cartridges. Quite different is happening there, if you play in the company – and does not even matter, together with a friend or in a complete group of four people, which can be dialed using the automatic buddy search. The Division constantly creates interesting situations – on a pile of cards firing positions, it is possible to bypass the enemy’s flank and rear, or lure them to the explosives and blow up. Opponents also regularly surprises – attack from different sides, fill up by grenades, and sometimes call for help mini-bosses that are difficult to cope with, even with friends.
For the benefit of playing in the company speaks and skill system – all can take three active skills (first two), so each player is better to choose a specialization: one treats, the second sets the mobile cover and turret, the third “tank”, hiding behind a shield, and so on. To do this, of course, the ideal group in which all know each other well – but some rudiments of tactics and show many groups, selected at random.
Automatically seek shelter at the first shot in The Division literally learn on the first hour of the game
Passage of the story The Division looks like an exciting thriller. Heroes perform the task for the task in the most different parts of the city – from the camps for the infected and ending with the subway, are trying to restore a picture of what happened, try to get the best equipment, and the path of exploring the hidden corners of New York, where you can discover rare finds . The game is very well orchestrated, the developers dispensed with the usual spots, skilfully feeding the right information using scripted events in the missions themselves and negotiations. Finally, there is practically no such popular online games “grind” – no monotonous repetitive tasks, and each new event in something unique.
Out of the picture stands out dark zone – a great location in the center of the city, which has suffered more than others. The enemies are much more dangerous than the military on the streets is not in principle, but, unlike other areas, regularly come across other players controlled by agents, which even allowed to shoot at each other when necessary. To die in a dark environment is very easy, but the fact that here is the best equipment, constantly attracts players.
Get your equipment is not easy. Items are scattered throughout the area of special containers, as well as “drop out” with the enemy, fighting with that much more difficult than in conventional missions. Received the good also need to be evacuated from the area, getting to one of the special sites and causing transport helicopter. Often it turns out to be the most difficult stage of the journey to the zone – helipads well guarded, plus there you can attack other players who want to get hold of another’s property. However, even if you do not stand out of the zone, you will still get a large sum in a special currency – for her at the entrance to the location is also sold bad equipment.
In The Division lacks strong personal transportation: the big world, so the ability to drive a car would be the place
Initially, the area generally perceived as a PvP-location, but really much more artful rules. Anyone who shoot at another player, for a time is marked as a hostile agent – it can be eliminated without the “fines”, having a very decent reward. Therefore, the relationship in the area is very complicated. In the win-win situation are pre-assembled groups have almost no chance of single – so they, too, sooner or later nailed to any team. PvP enthusiasts prefer to guerrilla tactics, escaping after a successful attack in a secluded place, where you can wait until the timer is reset.
The Dark Zone – a place in which you find yourself on a regular basis in a very mad and full of adrenaline situation. You can try to shoot some jerk for what he is-a nasty voice that sings (yes, The Division has built-in voice) and get in the head of his comrades, sitting in an ambush. Or witnessed a shootout two tough teams, then go past the mountains of corpses and pick up all the loot. If you do not like such a confusion, the dark area and you can miss – it almost has nothing to do with the main plot, and looks more like an additional attraction for those who want to gather the best equipment or just want a change.
By the way, this in the first place and good The Division – it did not bother the player, forcing to do what he does not like. This is not the old generation of the MMO, where you have to spend several hours a day on a completely uninteresting things, but first of all dear and spectacular action, which is the most fun place in the company – and it does not matter, friends or casual partners. If desired, with The Division can deal in a couple of tens of hours – so much occupies the passage of the main campaign and the major side missions – and get a lot of pleasure from the plot and exciting battles. If you want more, you can pereproyti campaign on a higher difficulty, try to collect the best set of equipment and arrange a small war in a dark area. Well, or just wait until the developers will expand the game – has announced three additions that will add both new opportunities and continue the story.

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