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Tim Allen was born in Denver (Colorado) June 13, 1953. When Tim was eleven years old, his father died in a car accident – Gerald Dick, who, along with his family was returning home from a soccer game. Two years after her first husband’s death, Tim’s mother – Martha, newly married and soon, along with her new husband and children (Tim has 8 brothers) moved to Birmingham (Michigan). In school, Allen was someone like the class clown, using humor and as a deterrent, and as a means of attack. Education gets in the Western Michigan University with a degree in TV production.
In 1978, the future actor was arrested for drug trafficking. Judge sentences the future actor to eight years in prison. However, humorous Tim is the price and the prison walls. He was allowed to organize a small comedy show for the prisoners, so that after only two years, cheerful prisoner early release from prison.
The first time after being released from prison, Allen starred in commercials and acts as a comedy actor conversational genre in nightclubs. A few years later, he was entrusted to work on several comedy shows for cable television, including some rather famous: «Comedy`s Dirtiest Dozen» (1988) and “Tim Allen: People – Pig” (1991). The great success enjoyed by Tim series “Great renovation” (1991 – 1999), the main role in which he was 8 years performed independently.
The most notable work of the actor on the big screen in this period are the main role in the cult for Americans comedy “Santa Claus” (1994), grossed about $ 200 million and scoring Captain Buzz Firefly in the animated feature “Toy Story” (1995) and “Toy story 2” (1999).
Finished the show the show “Big repair” after 8 seasons, the actor returns to the big screen with a role in, the film flopped at the box, “He who ordered” (2001). After appearing in two films flops: “Joe Cool” (2001) and “Big Trouble” (2002), the actor starred in predictably successful second part of the Christmas story “The Santa Clause 2” (2002), grossed about 170 million.
In the new millennium, the actor continued to actively removed, but only two films with his participation account for viewers to taste, “Santa Claus 3” (2006) and “Wild Hogs” (2007).
In 2010, the screen goes “Toy Story 3”, the most successful film of the year, where Tim Allen voiced all the same base Firefly of the first two parts. This cartoon for the first time in the history of animation has collected more than a billion dollars.
In the biography of the actor has some pretty remarkable facts, such as June 27, 1998, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts Award and outstanding graduates of West Michigan. In addition, the actor is the author of several books and a six-time winner of the prize of spectator sympathies.
Currently, Tim Allen is in the creative “lull”, but certainly comedic talent of the actor we have not met at the time of cinemas and television screens.

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