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Biography of Til Schweiger
German actor, director and producer Til Schweiger, best known for his film “Knocking Heaven” and other films, was born on December 19, 1963. Hometown of the actor is Freiburg, located in Germany. Thiel is the abbreviated name chosen for filmmakers. The full name of the actor sounds like Tilman Valentin Schweiger. His parents worked as teachers all his life, and at first Till also thought about the teaching profession. However, after studying for two years at the Germanic department, Thiel realized that this profession did not suit him, and dropped out.

The next choice of Till was medicine. He graduated from medical school, served in the protection of the air force in Holland. But he never became a doctor. After returning from the army to Germany, he again wondered what to choose as the business of his life.

One of Til’s girlfriends studied acting in drama school. This prompted the young Schweiger to thoughts about the vocation of the actor. For three years he studied at a drama school called “Der Keller”, which was located in Cologne. As a career start, Thiel chose the voice of porn films. However, in 1989, Til Schweiger began playing in the Contra-Kreis theater, located in Bonn.

In the early 90s, Til gets on to shoot TV series and movies. He starred in the TV series “Lindenstrasse” and in the films “Risky Racing”, “Maybe It Can’t Be”, “Barefoot on the Road” and, finally, in the legendary film “Reaching Heaven”, where Till not only played the main role, but was also a producer and co-writer. His career as an actor is incredibly successful: Til receives such awards as “The Best Young Actor” in 1993, “The Best Performer of the Male Role” in recognition of the MIFF, and “The Best Actor” in 1997 at the festival of Polish films. In the 2000s, the list of paintings with the participation of Til is replenished with other films: “Racer”, “King Arthur”, “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider-2”, “U-249. Underwater prison Killer to replace Polar Bear. The talent of Til Schweiger at one time appreciated Steven Spielberg, inviting him to star in the film “Saving Private Raina.” However, Thiel refused the offer. The reason for the refusal remains unknown: according to some rumors, Schweiger did not agree to the role of a Nazi, who also had to shoot Tom Hanks, and according to others, he was simply busy at the shooting of the film “Substitute Killers”.

Regarding the personal life of an actor, it is difficult to say for sure whether it has developed or not. In 1995, Thiel married a model and actress Dana Carlsen. By the way, Til himself once filmed an advertisement for the brand Hugo Boss. For 10 years of marriage, they have got four children. Til and Dana have one son and three daughters. However, the constant shooting and traveling contributed to the destruction of this strong family. In 2005, the couple decided to dissolve the marriage. It is worth noting that the separation of Till and Dana passed in a civilized manner, without intrigues and scandals, and they communicate as good friends so far.

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