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Blue ocean, beautiful sun, warm sand – all of Hawaii. In this paradise he lives a girl named Lilo … So begins the story of a strong friendship alien creatures unseen creatures purple named Stitch and Lilo earth girl. By chance, the actress, who worked on dubbing the cartoon “Lilo and Stitch”, too, was born and raised in Hawaii. Her name is Tia Carrere.
Her real name is Althea Dzhaneyro. She was born on January 2, 1967 in Honolulu. According to the actress, she is “part Chinese, part of a Spaniard, part Filipino.” Her younger sister was given in childhood is difficult pronunciation of the name “Althea”, and it turned out “Tia”. Later Althea Dzhaneyro be known as Tia Carrere (in honor of her idol – former girlfriend of James Bond Barbara Carrera).
Tia attended a private school for girls; with 11 years, she took singing lessons, to realize his dream of becoming a famous singer. Her dream came true: she became known primarily as a singer. The first album that she released and called – “Dream” ( “Dream”). However much enthusiasm among the audience he did not call. But Tia has not thrown his venture, and is now preparing to release a second album.
actress career for young Carrere began quite unexpectedly. When she was 17 years old, her parents noticed the store film producer. “They saw me and told that their son is working on a film, and that I would fit perfectly for the role of one of the heroines,” – recalls the actress. Her debut was the role of the nurse Jade in “soap” series “General Hospital” (1985-1987). She then appeared in the television movies “Tales from the Crypt”, “Team A”, “MacGyver.”
Despite the fact that at that time her career progressed rather slowly, Carrere loved and still loves her job, she calls her “a wonderful thing”. The camera of her “love”, it looks natural, and there is no film, where it could be accused of a lack of acting. She is able to effectively use their appearance: dark hair, tan skin matte, flawless figure and huge eyes. It is considered one of the most beautiful American actress and “movie stars of tomorrow” was recognized in 1994.
The big movie Tia started acting in 1986, when the film came out Brevmana Jack “Zombie Nightmare” in which Carrere played a character named Amy. Since then, it happened more than forty films and TV films with her participation, whether full-time job on the role, the character’s scoring or producer activity. It is equally good at small but showy roles in big-budget blockbusters ( “True Lies” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Rising Sun”), comedies ( “Wayne’s World”), in an inexpensive but exciting action films ( “The Immortals”, “Roof of the World “,” Showdown in little Tokyo “).
The most famous she brought the role of Cassandra in the musical teen comedy “Wayne’s World” (1992). This is a story about Garf and Wayne – young, cheerful guys, author and presenter of youth TV show “Wayne’s World”. Cassandra – rock singer, to which the main character is very indifferent. Tia is no coincidence accepted for this role – it has once again reminded that in the first place it is – the singer. The film with songs in her performance.
The plot revolves around the conflict and Wayne Lowe prosperous businessman, who decided to transfer a popular make money by offering children predatory contract. In the film as himself starred Alice Cooper. “Wayne’s World” was extremely popular, he took fifth place in the US box office in 1992, collecting 121 million dollars. Soon came the sequel of this film – a comedy by Stephen Surdzhika “Wayne’s World 2” (1994). This sequel Wayne’s history (it played the role of Mike Myers, he also acted as a screenwriter) and rock singer Cassandra in the performance of the same Tia Carrere. They love each other, but beautiful Chinese women have a new producer (played by actor Christopher Walker), which resulted in a new intrigue. And Wayne had a vision: he late Jim Morrison told him to organize a concert. And this concert entitled “Weinstock” to collect the greatest rock stars …
November 22, 1992 Tia married producer Elihu Samaha. Their marriage lasted only until 2000, in February, they divorced. However, Tia and Eli are the “Phoenician Films” production company owners, under their direction out paintings, including with the participation of Ed Harris and Antonio Banderas. It should be noted that ever since the repertoire itself Carrere has improved markedly. The actress an opportunity not only to play in his films, but also to produce them itself. As an example of such a “double” of the work of the actress can bring movies “20 Dates” (1998) and “The Immortal” (1999). The criminal action movie “Immortals” with Tia starring such well-known Hollywood actors like Eric Roberts, Chris Rock and Joe Pantoliano. According to critics, the film has turned out quite spectacular, which many did not expect.
The animated film “Lilo & Stitch” – one of the last works Carrere. Cartoon was released in 2002. The plot is simple and touching it. The main character – Lilo, orphan girl. She lives in Hawaii with her sister Nani, who work hard to keep the house, and sister. Once Lilo saw a falling star and make a wish: to find a true friend. She did not know that the star is actually – the alien ship. Soon she finds a small, unlike other “dog” which she calls Stich. Stich would be this dog, if he was not really an alien – a victim of a genetic experiment, escaped from their planet to Earth and find themselves due to the collapse of the ship. Since Lilo and Nani started his new family …
Originally it was planned “to land” ship Stitch in Kansas, where it is always hot and dry. And the girl who was supposed to tame Stitch, was the daughter of the local cowboy. But unfortunately for the state of Kansas, director-animator Chris Sanders before filming the movie took off and flew to Hawaii for a vacation in which irrevocably in love with and who decided to make the residence of her character. So instead of the daughter of a cowboy appeared Darkie-Aboriginal Lilo! Because of multiples, who used long-forgotten technique of painting with watercolors, tape turned out bright and colorful. On the creation of “Lilo & Stitch” was made by the same team, and that on the cartoon “Mulan.” A used as the soundtrack to the best songs of Elvis Presley. In 2003 it is planned to continue the output of the cartoon “Stitch! The Movie”, where Tia Carrere in the same way as in the first part, will voice the sister Nani Lilo.

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