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Tora Birch was born March 11, 1982 in Los Angeles. Thor was named after the Norse god of thunder called Thor. When the Torah was not even 4 years old she started acting in commercials. This was followed by roles in television series.
Birch first role – the role of Molly in the small comedy “Purple eater.” For the small role of Thor won Youth In Film Award. Then he started acting in TV series “Parents” (1990-1991).
Until 1991, her name no one added to the titles. It was just the Torah, and after the show “Parents’ name added Birch. And it brought her luck. Tora Birch got her first real role.
She played Billie Pike in the movie “Paradise” (1991), also with her starring Elijah Wood, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Then she played in the film adaptation of the bestselling novels of Tom Clancy’s “Patriot Games” (1992) and “Clear and Present Danger” (1994).
At the same time, she also appeared in the children’s fairy tale movie “Hocus Pocus” (1993) and “Monkey Trouble” (1994). In 1995, passed the casting for the film “Now and Then” the Torah was immediately chosen for the role of Tina Tersell, although it passed the selection of such stars as Christina Ricci, and Gaby Hoffmann. She also played the role of Jesse Barnes in the adventure movie “Alaska” (1996).
For a while it seemed that the film industry ever Birch threw there were no good roles, and she decided to take a break.
After the break, Birch has again returned to the big screen in 1999 with a role in the documentary “Long Way Home”. She also starred in the sensational hit of the year, “American Beauty”, in the role of Jane Burnham (by the way, this film won an Oscar). Birch and her fellow young actress Mena Suvari, were recognized by critics as two of the most promising stars of his generation.
In 2002 she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in “Ghost World” film (2001), then followed by a number of roles in television series before returning to the big screen with a role in “Silver City” (2004), written and directed by John Sayles .
In 2009, she starred with Brittany Murphy in the horror film “Line of Death” and appeared in “Winter frozen hope.” In January 2010, Birch played Sidney Bloom reporter-blogger in the film “The contract for the pregnancy.”
Tora Birch had to make debut on the American scene, playing in “Dracula” ballet, but it has been dismissed, the reason probably was the father of the intervention of four days before the premiere.

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