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The actor also became a member of the TV series “Guiding Light”, “As the World Turns”, “Another World”, “the Kennedys of Massachusetts”, “Tales of the City”, “Chicago Hope” and voiced a character in the animated series “the Real adventures of johnny Quest”.
Thomas Gibson was born on 3 July 1962 in Charleston, South Carolina, United States.
Thomas began his career as an actor at the age of ten when he took part in the production of children’s theatre. Gibson played and studied with a team of ‘Footlight Players’ Theatre in Dock Street and played his first starring role in 1973. Six years later, Gibson admitted to the College of Charleston and participated in alabakovska Shakespeare festival. Soon Thomas was given a unique opportunity – the chance to go to Julliard and Cheeks; he reached a winning position – won a scholarship to the Juilliard school and began studying at this school. He constantly was absorbed in the acquisition of knowledge and, as a result, left school with higher education, becoming a bachelor of fine arts.
The professional debut of Gibson took place in 1985 in the draft of David Hare’s “map of the world” (“A Map of the World”). In 1992, the actor experienced a powerful breakthrough in your career, when to play a major role, Stephen chase, adventure, drama, Ron Howard’s “far Far away” (“Far and Away”). Gibson especially lucky, because the all-star ensemble of “Far and Away” starring complied with charming Nicole Kidman and charismatic Tom Cruise. In 1999, Thomas came to the same magnificent team of actors, Nicole and Cruz, in a picture of the great Director Stanley Kubrick’s “eyes wide shut” (“Eyes Wide Shut”), who died a week after the filming of this movie. Playing the role of Carla Thomas Gibson and the whole team of Frank erotic scene investigator, supported by the secrecy – it was in this atmosphere was shooting the last of Kubrick’s masterpiece.
Also, Gibson collaborated with Director Lamont Johnson in the drama “Lincoln”, of course, a story about the US President Abraham Lincoln and his just rule. In 1993, the actor starred in the drama oskaronosnoy Martin Scorsese’s “Age of innocence” (“The Age of Innocence”) in an Edith Wharton novel with Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder and Daniel day-Lewis. In the same year, Gibson was selected for the role of David in the drama Denis Arkan with a touch of black humor, “Love and mortal remains” (“Love & Human Remains”), telling about the difficult relationship between heterosexuals and homosexuals. In 1994, Thomas has played in the drama “Barcelona”, then, reversing their roles, ‘rushed’ in the military world Director Perry lang, “Soldiers of fortune” (“Men of War”), where the main role was played by militants known actor Dolph Lundgren. After a showdown on the island in the Pacific ocean in “Soldiers of fortune” Gibson returns to the drama, this time directed by Rory Kelly and his love triangle, which, in fact, there is a speech in his film called “Sleep with me” (“Sleep with Me”).
In 1995, the actor appeared in the drama Judd Taylor “Secrets”, next year, continuing to star in the fantastic film Georgie, Montesi “Night Visitors” playing the role of Ross Williams. Next, shooting the detective, “To Love, Honor, and Deceive”, the drama “The Inheritance” and the movie Christian Faber “The Next Step”. In 1997, Gibson starred Bobby Roth horror movie “Child of the devil” (“The Devil’s Child”), the following year ‘reserving’ a place in the mystical detective Colin Baxley “Slide” (“Nightmare Street”). After the success of the latest creations of Stanley Kubrick, Gibson, in 2000 starred in the film, combining elements of Comedy and horror, the film by Robert Lee king “Beach psychosis” (“Psycho Beach Party”).
In 2000, fans of the Flintstones were pleased with the family tape by Brian Levant, “the Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas” (“The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas”), the same joy was shared by Thomas, playing in a good-natured Comedy about the journey of prehistoric idiots in the entertainment world, Rock Vegas, the character of Chip Rockefeller.
2000-the year ended for Gibson’s fruitful collaboration with Director Deni the Lasso, shooting his drama with splashes of Comedy “Star disease” (“Stardom”).
A native Juilliard Cheekbones constantly moved from film project to film project, in 2001, starring Bobby Roth in the drama “Jack the Dog” and acting continued growth in the adventure tape of Peter McDonald as “the Lost Empire” (“The Lost Empire”). In 2003, Thomas appeared in the drama “Manhood”, played the role of Richard in the TV movie “brush with fate” (“Brush with Fate”) and ‘retrained’ in detective Mark Ryan in a horror movie Uli Edel of “Evil Never Dies” (“Evil never dies”).
2004 Gibson spent on the set of romance Sam Pillsbury “Raising Waylon” and the Thriller by dick Lowry “Category 6: Day of destruction” (“Category 6: Day of Destruction”). The next year is participation in a family tape from Director Doug Mackean “Come Away Home” and the fantastic Comedy “I’ll Believe You”. And to top it to the list of appearances of Thomas in the movie remains to mention the draft 2007 short film “Profilers, Profiled”.
The actor also became a member of the TV series “Guiding Light”, “As the World Turns”, “Another World”, “the Kennedys of Massachusetts”, “Tales of the City”, “Chicago Hope” and voiced a character in the animated series “the Real adventures of johnny Quest”.
In the future, Gibson played the role of Greg Montgomery in the TV series “Dharma and Greg” on ABC, for which he was nominated for the prestigious prize ‘Golden globe’. This was followed by participation in such series of the show as “More Tales of the City”, “Sin City Spectacular”, “Screech. Well, scary movie” and “A Will of Their Own”. Finally, in the series running on television from 2005 to 2008, “criminal minds” (“Criminal Minds”), Thomas Gibson appeared before the Amateur detective puzzles in the role of Aaron ‘hotch’ Hotchner.
Gibson is married to Christine Gibson since 1993. From the marriage the couple has three children, sons J. P. (born in 1999) and Travis Carter (born in 2002) and daughter Agatha Mary (born in 2004). He and his family all live together in San Antonio, Texas.
In his spare time Thomas loves to disappear on the green lawns, playing Golf.

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