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Thomas Dekker

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American actor and singer Thomas Dekker is known primarily for his roles in the television series «The Sarah Connor Chronicles» and «Heroes». As a musician, Dekker released one album.
Thomas Alexander Dekker was born on December 28, 1987 in Las Vegas, Nevada in a creative family. Mother of Thomas plays only the piano in one of the bands, but also teaches and participates in various theater productions. The father is also an actor, opera singer and stage designer. His father has Dutch roots, and his mother – a native of Wales.
From his early childhood with his parents, Thomas traveled the world. They traveled all over America, there have been a few times in Europe and Canada.
His career on TV Thomas Dekker began the age of six, playing a role in the film «The Young and the Restless». Later he took part in the filming of the series «Star Trek Generations».
In 1997, Thomas appeared regularly on the show in the Disney Channel children’s television channel. Among them «Original Show Honey» and «I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show». After the last show, which closed in 2000, Thomas is increasingly being invited to TV shows. So he was shot in the «Run of the House, Fillmore!», «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation», «House,« Boston Public »,« Reba and 7th Heaven ». In addition to the series Decker appeared in small roles in films such as «Campus Confidential» and «An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster». For his work in the film «The Land Before Time» he was awarded three Young Artist Awards.
In 2006, Thomas Dekker joined the TV series «Heroes», but his character appeared in only 11 episodes. The point is that Decker manager was against him to play a character with a gay.
January 13, 2008 on American television has launched a new series – «The Sarah Connor Chronicles», in which Dekker played John Connor. Today, Thomas Dekker continues to participate in various television series and shows. The series «The Sarah Connor Chronicles» ended May 18, 2009, and Dekker began shooting «IQ-145″ series.
His musical career Thomas Dekker started a little later than acting. His first song he wrote in ten years, when traveled to Canada with his family. Decker admits that he likes to perform solo, rather than playing in a band. His style of Thomas described as “elektrofolk”. His first album «Psyanotic» Thomas Dekkker released in 2008. While Dekker has no contract with the record company, so he spreads his music over the Internet, in particular its album is sold on iTunes.

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