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Thomas Brodie-Sangster

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Thomas Sangster, youth
Thomas Sangster is a young British actor, who recently turned 25 years old. However, for his age he has an extensive filmography, as he started acting when he was only 11 years old.
Thomas Brodie Sangster was born on may 16 1990 in London, at the very edge. His parents are creative people. Mother Tasha Bertram is a famous actress who starred in the English BBC. Mark Sangster is a musician, composer and actor. Thomas has a sister Ava. All together, they still live in London. We know even that Thomas is a distant kinship with the famous actor Hugh Grant.
From a young age Thomas was often with mom on the set, it is not surprising that the first film in which he starred, was a download of the BBC. He was 11 years old. In the same year, he starred in the film “Postcards for the miracle” where he played a seriously ill boy who is struggling with the disease.
Thomas Sangster career
The first role that made him truly known, it is possible to consider the role in the movie “love actually”. There he played the red-haired boy, who was capable of serious things for love any girls. In this film he starred along with Hugh Grant, but uncle did not create patronage nephew, Thomas himself through the auditions came on the set, Hugh Grant didn’t even know what to do with his young relative. It is known that after this film, Hugh became quite proud of her nephew and to consider him a serious actor.
Later Thomas held the casting for Harry Potter, but it never took. Now he believes that it was even better, because then he would not be able to participate in much more interesting projects.
Not surprising was the fact that when the parents realized that their son wants to become an actor, they strongly supported him in this desire and advised to enroll in a circle of acting. However, Thomas decided that he can do everything pretty well. In principle, it is in many respects, the critics do consider him an actor from God, actor, Indigo.
A year later, Thomas played the role of a young Hitler and with this serious work, he coped successfully. He later played the young Tristan in “Tristan and Isolde”. Considerable popularity the boy brought the role in the movie “nanny McPhee,” which in literal translation sounds like “nanny McPhee”, but for the Russian audience the title was transferred so that it was consonant with the then-popular Russian TV series.
At the age of 19, Thomas had a chance to play the role of a young Paul McCartney. Before the boy was fond of music and could play several musical instruments. However, for this film he had to learn a little bit. The fact that Paul McCartney was left-handed, so Tom had to learn to play the guitar with his left hand. And it had turned out.
A year later, Thomas has found application not only her acting, but musical abilities. He founded the group “Winnet”, where he plays bass guitar, and lead singer of the group his own mother.
The assets of Thomas more than ten awards of varying degrees of credibility. It is removed each year at least one movie. He is invited on a new role.
Personal life of Thomas Sangster
Really employment absolutely does not leave the young time for personal life, about it anything is not known. Apparently, the actor has decided to focus only on the profession and achieve even more significant results.

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