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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine

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How many years of CD Projekt RED deduced Geralt in people? The first The Witcher – «another RPG from Eastern Europe” – automatically deserve wryly veteran audience. RPG from unknown developers from Poland? How many of them there were! Um … thanks, but no, probably not. Shards of ice melted the amazing quality of new items – perhaps an interactive compendium of quotations from the saga about the Witcher Sapkowski. Eight years later, in 2015, The Witcher 3 without any major problems is, to put it mildly, a revelation.
You see the city in the distance? You will be able to reach it. And there you will wait, no, the boring dungeons – interesting quests. Dialogues, characters, situations. And not only there, but also on the way to it, and then another, and after it. Everywhere. Imitation Polish writer is not required, this strap for a long time taken, and The Witcher 3 – a great graduation work formed, matured group. Diploma to be proud of, summa cum laude.
A year later, it comes as an unpleasant farewell. On this occasion CD Projekt RED again blows away dust from the books of popular fiction: the main event of the evening – free paraphrase of the most popular stories from the life of Geralt. Extensions and additions. All the rest of the time devoted to the pleasant memories. You do not like Sapkowski? It is a pity, because without love with his work many, many things will pass you by.
The new order from the most mistress Tussenta would lead witch of ridden land war in supposedly prosperous paradise. Amusing principality with fun, deliberately old-fashioned knights and orders only at first glance seems to be a nice and safe: in the woods hiding gang of robbers, the fields are crawling giant millipedes and plants overgrown, and in the capital city Boklere wielding an elusive beast.
Classic optical illusion: beautiful lady with a terrible secret, noble warriors with a terrible past, bloodthirsty monsters with an unexpected motivation, terrible secrets, which remain unsolved to this day. I can not but admit that the first few hours of the storyline – a great tie for a breathtaking adventure. Spectacular battles with dangerous creatures follow one another, the screen flashed unfamiliar faces, and everything that happens is strongly reminiscent of the famous film “Seven.”
And then “Blood and Wine” blown away. Not completely, of course, but at first perfectly smooth surface of the plot there are unpleasant wrinkles. From a lack of content or negligence. As if at some point the person in charge of the task with the beast, was replaced by another. If you suddenly assume that this is possible, the imagination draws the first writer in a good arrogant, inventive fan of Fincher, who could not finish the job, but because of his achievements went to the second officer, who was attracted by Sapkowski, but retold it is not always skilfully.
The dynamic narrative suddenly starts to sag, appear strange – if not “inappropriate” or even “suspicious” – did not pause, and we even make it possible to influence what is happening, but this is partly compensated by the interchange. More precisely, interchanges: holding us by the hand throughout most of the game, at the end of CD Projekt RED is still lets you choose the outcome of the unfolding drama, which you prefer.
Complaining is not necessary: even if the replay only “final» DLC passage will take several hours to view the main scenarios. Be sure to look at all options, because in a single pass all the plot location can not be seen. In them a lot of work, they reveal interesting details have been invested as the main quest ons, and the world of “The Witcher”, so do not limit yourself to one ending.
With the rest of the job situation is roughly the same: they are more interesting than it might seem at first. We clean the area from monsters and bandits could get bored even in the most The Witcher 3, but all the “issues” in a particular area are linked to each other. For example, after reading in the den of murderers of their raid on one village, then surely we will find the village and learn a little more about the tragedy that once happened here.
There is also a full-fledged quests almost any taste: spell, kill to get. You want something unusual – certainly taste the strange mushrooms or try to cut through bureaucratic obstacles at the local bank. “The Witcher” Sapkowski has always including a distorting mirror, which allows to make fun of reality.
“Blood and Wine” in no way behind the predecessors – both gaming and print – then you and dwarves who come to beat the person in order to defend its values and explicit overtures Geralt against women (probably to now, even the best, so to speak, slow-witted people can not be accused of sexism witch), and more. However, although Tussent quite extensive, it seems that a much larger scale, “Wild Hunt” density of events and chance encounters was much higher.
But the main thing here – the unexpected return of an old comrade of Geralt. I will not spoil the surprise for those who have not played, so that the call will not name this character. But note that this NPC – another example of how much “The Witcher» CD Projekt RED may be different from the book. It seems to be “based on”, but then the attentive reader will notice many differences from the original. Well, let’s say, in gvint play differently. And Triss Merigold after Soddy not wear revealing outfits. “Blood and Wine” will throw up new facts in the treasury of inconsistencies, but scolded him for it for some reason do not want.
Think about the differences trivial once. Remember Vilgefortsa? Or Geralt became a knight? And he cormorant spell? Developers remembered, so farewell tour witch turns into a night of memories. And now the obvious shortcomings of the storyline and the monotony of a side not so much conspicuous: the nostalgia for past times perfectly fits with new situations, partly mimic this most days. We can not say that Tussent – unique principality that this we have not seen, and that it will long be remembered. No. But it is a pleasure to be his land to the extent of large and very picturesque, so that by the standards of DLC or even full Bokler additions and its surroundings – a true gift and not a stub with the master’s table.
In the end, because the witcher and conquered millions of players. Because he was handsome and witty. he For lovers of dance with swords, perhaps simple-minded, willing to strip from dozens of monsters of the same type of locations it is just boring, fans of “three have” well disclosed in the books Geralt is not suitable in principle. But those who have come here for fun (or chilling!) Stories and spectacular views, in the loser will not stay.
In this sense, the other features are fresh DLC is not particularly impressive. Own vineyard – a pleasant place in which nothing really to do. New deck for Gvinta puzzling – it is so impersonal. Mutations significantly expand the arsenal of skills Geralt, but bleed the Witcher Tussente to live well and without such tricks. Perhaps this new mechanic is very useful to those who dare to look into the “new game +”.
Let the addition of “Stone Heart” was smaller, his script left much slimmer. “Blood and Wine” much larger, but not as emotionally as the story of Algirdas and Mirror. Ouroboros curled in a perfect circle, and bites its own tail: starting with a role model in Sapkowski The Witcher, developers have willingly or unwillingly back to the forgotten receive now, when it’s time to say goodbye. The minds of Poles as if already occupied by another project, but because the last adventure of Geralt got a few blurry and not particularly original. Of course, if we compare it with the DLC The Witcher 3 – the game really outstanding. Despite some blots, “Blood and Wine” – a great addition, remarkable performance and quality, and quantity of content. Even small technical problems (this version for PS4) and explicit localization mistakes do not prevent enjoy this DLC.
Of course, we must not forget that it is – the last chance to visit the old days Geralt to recall his past deeds and help him save the monsters from the bright but full of dangers Tussent. And this possibility can not be ignored.

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