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Brief description of the series
In the context of the apocalypse
The Walking Dead series began filming in 2010 and immediately won great popularity not only among fans of Stephen King, but also just a horror lovers. Already cast made it clear that the project will be a serious and influential. In the world there was an apocalypse – zombies took over the planet. They destroyed all the people. By pure chance we survived a few people. Out on the deserted streets, they are trying to find each other, to unite for the struggle. Alone, the scourge will never overcome. It turns out that the dead remained a small group of people.
terrible changes
Rick Gaymz led the detachment of the survivors. As a deputy, he has seen a lot and learned a lot. In addition, his character has to such work. Survivors trust him and gathered in a group. Rick himself was wounded in the shootout, and woke up in hospital. Around there was no one, and only after some time, the man was able to understand what happened. Walking Dead threaten complete destruction of people, so you need to fight for survival, yet it can still help. He tries to find his family, which lost after the apocalyptic events. Gradually formed a group of people who are willing to fight.
decent fight
The number of zombie animals far exceeds the number of people who survived the apocalypse. However, the series The Walking Dead proves that the struggle is possible in all situations. Despite the fact that the company Rica is not a lot of people, they organize the resistance and the struggle for survival. If the first stage, they can hardly understand what is happening, the conflict escalates with time, and the main characters realize how important their actions. More than anything, the situation affect relationships within the group of survivors, rather than the zombie action to take over the world.

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