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In the distant 1950, the mathematician Alan Turing created an empirical test designed to check if the machine is to realize a machine. Later developments of the academic English used by other researchers, science fiction writers and even philosophers. The same test was inspired by the Bulkhead Interactive to create the game.
Space Odyssey: Europa
The game begins with the awakening from hibernation of our ward by the name of Ava Turing and the unwelcome news that our colleagues who conducted the study on the surface of Europa (Jupiter’s moon), stopped communicating. We have to go in search of them in the research complex, built on the planet. This complication immediately adjusts to cosmic horror in the spirit of Alien:Isolation or Dead
Space. However, instead of rabid bloodthirsty mutants or aliens, players will enjoy a labyrinth of chambers with puzzles to be solved in order to progress further.
Yes, it’s very reminiscent of the dialogue Portal, but the desire
to condemn her as a clone offspring Valve does not occur. First, the puzzles from the first person we indulge infrequently (in addition to the Portal, comes to mind only Talos Principle), and secondly there are very different accents and atmosphere.
Sphere and cubes
The mechanics of the puzzles to be scattered over the chambers of tests of special slots, which open the right doors, activate bridges, lower platform, operate large magnets, etc. They need to charge a cubic battery or energy fields. To manipulate them will help Energy Manipulation Tool – a gun that can absorb energy and discharge in the correct player slot. The juggling energy and batteries
in order to open the door or activate/deactivate the selected the device and tied the lion’s share of the local mysteries.
The farther you go, the harder the game gets, there are new types of fields with different characteristics, and you have to use the Tom – robot, which controls our spaceship and residential complex in Europe.
To solve the many mysteries you need to go beyond the normal sequence of actions and start to think outside the box. But
some really intricate puzzles in the game. Problems occur only due to carelessness of the player or lack of research opportunities level. Because the hardcore fans call for his grey matter will be a little disappointed.
Do droids?
Unlike the silent Chell (the protagonist of the Portal series),
Ava can keep the conversation with their robotic partner Tom. Almost every new camera test begins with their conversations, which sometimes raises important philosophical questions: free will, selfishness, differences in thinking between man and machine, and the like. Sometimes you want to go further just to know what the characters will say next. By the way, I would like to praise the voice acting of the characters, it is at the highest level, especially Tom’s voice, which was called the Association of timbre Jeremy irons.
In addition to the test chambers, will give us the opportunity to explore other compartments of the station, where he lived and worked staff. There we will be able to study different subjects and notes, just like in last year’s Soma. In fact, this, coupled with dialogue and pushing the story forward, which, after the passage of the first half become more and more intriguing.
The game is very beautiful, both in terms of design-futuristic locations, and using the Unreal Engine 4, on which it was created. The musical accompaniment is also on the “5 +”: easy wordless ambient music tunes the brain into the right atmosphere.
The Turing Test makes no revolution in the genre. It’s just a good puzzle game with excellent multifaceted fiction story, reconciled complex and serious topics for reflection.

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