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For the first time, Mike Jagger (born 26 July 1943) and Keith Richards (R .18 December 1943, Dartford, England) met on the Playground. In 1958, Jagger became a member of the Blues band “Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys”. Keith enrolled in the school of arts, where he met with an old friend Mick and his colleague on the “Little Boy Blue” Dick Taylor. At the next meeting of Mick and Keith’s comrades agreed that Keith should audition in “Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys”. In 1961, Mike Jagger became Mick Jagger. By the time’brien Jones (b. 28 Feb 1942, Chatham) left “The Ramrods” in which he played Alto saxophone and moved to London. He got a guitar for “Blues Incorporated”, dreaming about creating a private group where you wanted to invite his friend and colleague, a Blues pianist Ian Stewart. “Blues Inc.” was playing and Charlie watts (born 2 June 1941). At the end of the year was the introduction of Brian with Mick and Keith. They often played together, angajarea also dick Taylor and Ian Stewart. In 1962 in “Jazz News” for the first time flashed the name “Rolling Stones”. And on 12 July was the first official performance of the band at the London club “Marquee”. In September, dick Taylor left the team. A December bill Wyman officially joined the band as bassist. In January 1963 to “Stones” was joined by Charlie watts, replacing Mick Avery. 28 April Andrew Loog Oldham, former PR Manager of the Beatles, and Eric Easton attended a concert of the Rolling Stones and the next day signed a contract. That is, the Oldham’s idea was to create “stones” the image of the bad boys, the rebels and sex symbols, which would contrast with the “homemade” way “the Beatles”. At his insistence, Stewart came out of the official group, although they remained responsible for the keyboard parts, played on albums and tours. In may, the Rolling Stones signed a contract with “Decca”. In April, 1964 came the first LP group, “The Rolling Stones”. A standing ovation accompanied the band on the winners of vote, “New Musical Express” at the stadium “Wembley”. July 8, “It’s All Over Now” became a No. 1 in Britain. In 1965 they released their second album “the Rolling Stones”. The image of the dangerous guys, the bullies and violators of public order has improved. All this only contributed to the popularity of the team. August 29, he released the single “Satisfaction”/”Spider And The Fly”. The song “Satisfaction” immediately became a worldwide rock anthem. The team signed a new five-year contract with “Decca”. At the end of the year by readers voting in “Record Mirror”, “Stones” was ahead of “the Beatles”. In 1966 came the “Aftermath”, which became the first “Tosovsky” LP No. 1. The album consisted entirely of the author’s material, and reflected the group’s desire to diversify the style, to experiment with sound and unusual rock instruments (“Paint It Black”, “I’m Going Home”, etc.). In 1967, Mick and Keith appeared in court on charges of drug possession. After the hearing, Richards as the owner of the “den” was awarded a year in jail and a fine of 500 pounds, Jagger to three months in prison and a fine of 100 pounds. However, after an appeal from Keith dropped the charges, and Miku punishment was replaced by one year of probation. In September, Rolling Stones stated that they sever the relationship with Andrew Oldham and will in the future produce their own records. In December came the “Their Satanic Majesties Request” album with elements of psychedelic, warmly received by the press and the public. The disc, “The Beggars Banquet” is return the stones to the raw, unembellished rhythm and Blues. In June of 1969’brien announced his departure from the Rolling Stones. A few days in a press there were photos of the group with new guitarist Mick Taylor, former member of the “been so diligent”. 3 Jul’brien Jones was found dead in his swimming pool. Doctors pronounced the verdict: death by accident related to the use of drugs and alcohol. July 5, “the Rolling stones” gave a free concert in Hyde Park, dedicated to the memory of Brian Jones. In September he released the album “Let It Bleed” continuing brusovo rock ‘ n ‘ roll path of his predecessor, but it sounded more difficult. In 1971 appeared on the shelves of Sticky Fingers, first released on the band’s own label, “Rolling Stones Records”. In 1974 he recorded “It’s Only Rock’n’roll”. The title track was attended by David Bowie on backing vocals and Kenny Jones of “Faces” on drums. Again – the first place in the charts. However, the group has long been a split. December 14, Mick Taylor announced his departure from the Rolling Stones. He was replaced by Ronnie wood. In 1978 he released the album “Some Girls”, which was felt clear influences from disco and punk. Release 1980, “Emotional Rescue”, reached the top spot in the charts, however, criticism was passed cool. In 1983, Rolling stones signed with CBS for 28 million dollars. On 7 November he released the album “Undercover” that reflected differences within the group: Jagger wanted to meet the new trends and Richards believed that the team should be a true rock-n-roll. The result: “raspolozivost” material, weak feedback from the press, low sales. In December 1985 of a heart attack died “Tosovsky” keyboardist Ian Stewart. In January 1986, Keith Richards opened the “Hall of fame Rock-n-roll”. The group gave a “secret” gig playing Blues covers for a specially invited audience. It was the first concert of “the Rolling stones” for 5 years. In March vigsel “Dirty Work”, recorded in Paris and sold worse than its predecessor. For the first time “the Rolling stones” did not support the album with a tour. After that, the musicians became interested in the solo works. Only in March 1989, all five finally came together and agreed on a new record, which began in may in London. In August came the long-awaited album “Steel Wheels” was passed on hurrah. In 1991, at the “Ivor Novello Awards” “the Rolling stones” received an award for outstanding contribution to British music. 6 Jan 1993 in an interview with “BBC” bill Wyman officially announced that he was leaving the group. The replacement for him was found not once, she was dark-skinned bassist Darryl Jones. In 1994, “the Rolling stones” started rehearsals for the new tour, “the Voodoo Lounge”. All tickets for upcoming shows broke instantly, and the album was enthusiastically received by the critics. In 1997 he released a new album “the Rolling stones” – a great “Bridges To Babylon”, which sounds surprisingly modern, powerful, on the highest standards of quality. New hits steel “Flip the Switch”, “Anybody Seen My Baby?” and “Out Of Control”. Subsequently, the musicians mostly prefer to pursue solo projects.

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