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The Revenant

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A small group of trappers sent into the forest to hunt animals and return home with a decent catch. Incredibly difficult weather conditions and cold make hunting unattractive, but these people have no choice, because for them, hunting – this is the only way to earn money. At first, everything went as usual, but at some point suddenly on one of the hunters was attacked by a large bear. All this happened so quickly that the comrades of Hugh Glass not even have time to react, and the animal caused the young man to the strongest wounds that, by assumption, one of them, were incompatible with life. John Fitzgerald and Jim Bridger had to wait for the death of his friend and bury him, as required by tradition, but instead Fitzgerald decided not to waste any time: he kills his friend Hawke and Bridger easily convinced that they must die cast Glass and immediately return.

It seemed that this case can forget, but fate decreed that the Voice in this incredibly difficult situation survived. From now on, all that is Hugh – it was his will power and desire to live face to face with these terrible weather conditions, strong snowstorm and cold, he will do everything possible to survive and take revenge on those whom only recently he had considered a friend and who so cruelly cost not only him, but also with their common friend. This strong and brave man is ready to single-handedly challenge the primitive nature, the harsh winter and even numerous hostile tribes of Indians, only to survive and avenge Fitzgerald at the first opportunity. Do the hunter to survive in these conditions and to make the things for which was trying to stay alive all this time and his fate was determined immediately after the meeting with a wild animal?

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