The Martian Background

The Martian

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On Mars, sent an expedition, which invested tens of millions, and preparing it for years. But, in spite of the invested money and human resources, there is a disaster that nobody could have foreseen. In the midst of a terrible storm the mission begins, and the team is forced to evacuate the planet. During the evacuation engineer Mark Watney suffered serious injuries, so the team finds him dead and left the Mars flight back to Earth.
The leaders of the expedition hastened to announce that Mark was killed. But in fact he survived. The hero found himself alone on a lifeless planet, while it does not have any connection with the earth, and the stock is only a month designed products. His only salvation is a self-contained house, which miraculously survived the storm. Now, Mark will solve several complex impossible tasks: to find a way to contact the outside world, to learn how to grow food on the planet, that this is absolutely not, and do not go mad alone. Can the hero to cope with all the trials that fell to his lot, and wait for help from his team. Mark has to go back to someone, so he will use all his strength and ability to go home and see my family.

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