The Legend of Tarzan High

The Legend of Tarzan

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About the film
Many of us know the interesting history of the unique boy named Tarzan, who grew up in the wild. The plot of the new filmstrip tells about the events that have taken place already after the main character famous throughout the world and decided to stay and live among the people. John Clayton is now settled in London, and is trying to adapt to modern society. Of course, a man can not always behave properly, but over time it gradually gets used to life among the people, no longer stand on their background. But as soon as John begins to forget about the past, it suddenly overtakes him, forcing the protagonist once again become legendary Tarzan. It started with the moment when Queen Victoria expressed a desire to personally talk to the “man-ape” and ask him for help. It turns out, is now in the Congo is very centrally located mining company, led by the unscrupulous warlord who wants to get rich on deposits of diamonds.
But hard man has no plans to preserve the environment, and now the home of Tarzan is in terrible danger. Unable to stand aside, the main character is sent to the Congo, intending to protect animals and to stop mining. In this he was called to help a former mercenary George Washington Williams, having its own interests regarding the orders of the Queen. Together with the new partner Tarzan develops Congo rescue plan, hoping to win the support of as animals. But to do this he will have to remember the past and to awaken a wild nature, because only in this way he will be able to resist the powerful mining empire. In turn, the company owners want to quickly deal with the potential threat, not wanting to attract international attention. And now, before the audience got the main question – “Who will win in this battle? Progressive mankind or environment? “.

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