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Hello! On the screens out the sequel to Snow White and the hunter does not have earned high marks, but will pay off with interest. Perhaps this was the main motivation for the creation of the second part, which is true, in fact, is another film with some old characters, and not a direct sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. Charges first Snow White was not so high, and the assessment of the audience did not promise a large influx of people in the second part. But anyway, and Snow White and the Huntsman 2 was released.
Well if you remember part 1? The downside is it was really much more than the pros. Positively can only talk about the costumes and visual effects, not in vain for this film nominated for an Oscar. However, even though the special effects and do not cause any criticism, but they were not interested. Fantasy was quality, but poorly thought out. The script itself is also without strong stocks, but not interesting. Yes, and he sagged very much under the yoke of Kristen Stewart. As for me, because after Adam drivers in Star Wars is the worst choice of actor. Okay, Kristen’s cute, but it does not fit for the role of Snow White.
Most Stuart is not suitable for the role of Snow White in comparison with Charlize Theron as Ravenna, which is even older than the order of Kristen Stewart looks much more spectacular. However, the mirror tells her that Snow White is awesome aunt. Yes, I would place Charlize mirror accused of lying. Well, if you do not consider only the external parameters and touch the actors’ data, Charlize Theron a great actress. What can be said about Kristen Stewart. It is the same expression for all occasions said that the play she did not know how. At least in Panic Room, it was in its place, but in Snow White and the Huntsman, and it looks and plays nothing disgusting.
Fortunately, this is the main advantage of the second part, Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman 2 no. But Snow White herself is present in name only, that no matter how strange. Naturally, such nonsense could only afford our distributors, as in the original film is called The Hunter: The Winter War, which is much more correct. But our perevodilam just to disrupt the cashier, they would spit on the meaning. If we film Implementing they call beginning, just because there is Christopher Nolan Batman Begins, then what else can be said. Yes figs with it with the name, touch on the film itself. This time the cast is really good. Chris Hemsworth in the role plays and looks nothing at least as bad, and 3 main female roles have assumed Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron. Each of them is a good diverse actress, Chastain Blunt and a great alternative to the hated Me Kristen Stewart.
Apart from the main actors are interesting and the characters they play, but not so attractive secondary characters. In this film according to the canons of fantasy there are gnomes that are responsible for the sense of humor. But they are responsible for it weak. Jokes are many, but not all fire, and the two men gnomes, initial satellites Hunter, could make it more interesting at least outwardly. Remember dwarves from The Hobbit. They are many and they are all great, tipazhnosti. And there are only two gnomes and they are ordinary, forgettable.
The script of this film is quite adequate and understandable, but many things are not clarified. It seems that at the postproduction of the film have decided to throw a few clarifying the situation scenes. Some things are clear only if you remember the fairy tale motives are inspired by the film and what a hero deeds are understandable, but not disclosed. In the scenario of the Hunter is not that a lot of stocks, and a lot of innuendo. The theme of love at some point is not just one of the components of the film, and his main idea, that’s just deployed it is not 100 percent. As the film is not deployed in epic terms. This was obviously not enough. That was not enough, and the first film. But in the sequel, unlike the first part, the fight scenes are made interesting and spectacular. Another thing is that they do not scale at all. Nobody was waiting for the new Lord of the Rings, but still of fantasy expect much more epic. However, it should be noted that having lost the epic battles scenes are not lost beauty. Generally, as regards the visual, this film is very beautiful and high quality.
As a result, we have a good continuation of the feeble film. Now disadvantages less, but they are certainly there. However, the fact that the second part better than the first – this is not a bad figure. Who knows, maybe the third will generally excellent. Although she will or not – the big question. Did you see fantasy and better, but once the film will go exactly, but on the visual component of the film is pleasant and look for the second time. Yes, and the camera work with the installation of good. And the music did not disappoint. And the actors are very encouraging. But “wow” will not. However, who after the first part of this waiting. I still, if the first film said a categorical “no”, there tend to “yes.” I hope you will agree with me. Enjoy watching!

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