The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies Wallpapers hd

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

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In recent years, the story of beings called hobbits became very popular among the masses of spectators. Everyone is waiting for a new and a new motion picture, which tells about the brave little creatures are incredibly courageous and stubborn. For the sake of all mankind, or their village, they are willing to sacrifice everything, even their lives. In the center of the events of this painting was also a hobby that foreshadows all the spectators a big screen version. In his future adventures, little hobbit has to go through many obstacles and dangerous situations, to achieve the desired result, or to realize his dream. This story is a continuation of stories about hobbits from the famous director Peter Jackson. He is the father of all the stories about hobbits. And here, once again wanting to please their fans, he decides to create a new masterpiece in the world of fiction and fantasy, which is due in 2014.
History of “The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Artis” should tell the adventures of the hero who, despite the danger on his way to reach the desired result. As in the previous parts of the stories about Hobbits, the main role performed by the same actors as the first prior. In the previous part, Thorin and his team were looking for the treasure of Smaug. As you know, they were able to find the location of all treasures, and even managed to defeat the evil dragon Smaug guard the cave. But the picture was not the final end, and the director decided to create a sequel to this story. At this time, Bilbo and his aides gnomes must return the treasure and Erebor, which was in danger. In addition, they need to escape from the lair of Smaug and try to hold the advancing army of darkness.
Will the protagonists keep the treasure and protect them? Will they be able to free Erebor and return home safe and sound? All of this needs to happen in the new part of the story of the heroic Hobbits, who teamed up with the dwarves for the fulfillment of its purpose. The audience, which betray an interest in such stories will be in a great impression, as these stories are very interesting and funny

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