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About the film
Probably, almost all the people in childhood slept against the wall, afraid of the evil gray wolf who could come and bite for a flank. But many understand with age, it’s just a silly tale, and stop paying attention to it. Nevertheless, none of us knows what horrors really hiding in the night. movies action takes place in a shelter for children, where he lives a little girl named Sophie. Teachers make children go to bed before midnight, and in any case did not open his eyes until morning. But curious Sophie constantly violates this rule, adoring read books in the dark by candlelight, when all her friends for a long time sleep. And once the main character hears a strange noise outside the window, and unable to resist her excessive curiosity, goes to see what happened there. It turns out that night on the streets walks a real huge giant and gives the children a happy dream.
Noticing tracking for a Sophie giant takes her into a fairyland, opening the front of the girl a magical and wonderful world of which she had previously only read about in books. The mysterious creature is quickly becoming the best friend of the protagonist, trying every way to protect it from all sorts of dangers. After a magical land inhabited by giants not only good, but also evil orgy that would love to have regaled the young girl. Moreover, it soon becomes clear that Sophie is the only one good fairy inhabitants, and all the other relatives crave blood and want to take over the world of people. The threat is so great that the giant alone can not save all the children, but to help him immediately comes brave Sophie, supporting each other in its noble purpose. And now, with the main characters come up with a cunning plan that can rid the fairyland of ogres. But to do this they will have to go through a lot of dangerous adventures, become a target for the army of ogres and try not to become their dinner.

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