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The Banner Saga 2

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Imagine that you will never see his father’s house. Imagine that your whole little world in which you have lived for years, disappeared without a trace. What do you weeks wandering, stumbling and falling from fatigue, with the crowd the same unfortunates that you forget the sound of the laughter of your children, and be ashamed to look in the tearful eyes of his wife. Imagine that the world is crumbling right behind you, and the next time you probably will not have time to avoid the inevitable end.
The Banner Saga gave a player these are the feelings, and the farther, the more weakened hope. The second part is not less sad and melancholy: The Banner Saga 2 has in store a lot of grief.
On the Beach
Refugees from the north, we left after the first part of the day of triumph and sorrow. Their long flight of stone warriors Drago and the advancing darkness began in different places: among the eastern forests rich in animal, or on the west coast, amid turmoil and crowded. All the vicissitudes of the history of the first The Banner Saga we omit too many tangled lines, too small a share experiences accommodate stingy retelling.
In the end, the caravan is hidden behind the walls of the port city to build ships and sail finally to the capital Arberrang but hordes Drahov overtake. Only a miracle, one of the heroes of their throws giant Gromoboya leader and his soldiers to flee. The choice depended on the player, but The Banner Saga is still completed the funeral: the body of the hero is sent to the eternal voyage on board the burning Drakkar. In this doomed world, death is always gather their crops.
The second part continues the story from that place. The survivors climb aboard knocked together in haste courts and continue the journey to the unapproachable Arberrangu.
Lack of voice and lack of background music creates an unnecessary silence – just like last time.
Great city, can, and will let the refugees, by granting protection against the invasion of Draghi – but does help against the wall mysterious darkness?
Although Stormbreaker and fell, dredge discouraged for long. As long as the ships sailed on the water, silent enemies chased them along the ground, erasing all traces of a civilization. But they do not even compare to the exuberance of the elements: the farther away, the more the world will be forgotten by the gods to break down in front of.
I will not talk about the apocalyptic woes, in comparison with which plagues – child’s play, I will note only that in such moments of meditation, it would seem, the caravan movement becomes painful poignancy. Every wrong decision immediately turns into death, death and death.
Death Race
In the first part we have long contemplated the majestic scenery, watching the thin chain of refugees and their motion sometimes interrupted by the events, battles and other things. The provision was spent quietly, bad mood, and the streets of the rare cities like kissing with delight about the gods, really roof over your head!
The Banner Saga 2 this meditative partially lost. Solving a conflict, you have a couple of seconds of real time to plunge into another. The concentration of the fork, on the one hand, a pleasant surprise – the status quo is maintained in the matter of the game clock to be broken immediately.
On the other hand, every second rush jobs are bored, when you want them to rest a while and appreciate the work of artists. This modest drawback slightly affect the outcome, however, melancholic gentlemen, I warned you.
Artists Fantasy inexhaustible: there is no edge in the game, which you would have mixed with another.
It has been an increase not only the number of disasters, but also their quality. Stoic, founded by immigrants from BioWare, is an expert in the intricacies of social processes. For example, a long journey along the river will give an unexpected result: the kids absolutely cease to be afraid of water, and the game will move to the small brats safe deck to snap and the outside of the boards. Solutions are many: to banish all children in a single vessel, where they are easier to look after, or simply ban the dangerous games over the waves, or to detach the people to supervise.
Another attack – more and more people and Varley ceases to believe in the future, all the old conflicts are aggravated. And because you have to peel their almost more often than other people.
As for the story itself, it is not marking time. Heroes are changing, changing their goals, but the reality is increasingly spreading at the seams, sometimes – to the extent of Pillars of Eternity, another game, not alien decadence. The Banner Saga 2 makes it so that you are drowned in despair along with the characters: what helps and mechanics forever fleeing convoy and eternal tsungtsvang (neither do become worse), and, of course, the solemn music of Austin Vintori and talent to the atmosphere of mistrust , fear and anguish.
In training camp, you can reforge farmers soldiers – and to practice martial arts, instructor completing quests.
The blood on the knee
Other, detached, part of The Banner Saga – a battle – also fundamentally has not changed. This turn-based tactics with a fixed stroke queue (though it can be influenced), and with a special combat system. Each fighter is protected by two strips of strength: the strength and armor (aka health). While the armor is intact, the force suffers a little bit, and for the sake of causing serious damage to the armor to be ripped off enemies with a blow aimed.
Manage you all the same heroes who dragged to the finals in the first part – if, of course, worked hard to get the old save, otherwise you’ll have to choose between two options for the finals.
Linked to this is a certain complexity: the original players to collect their squad gradually, each time adapting tactics for beginners or sending them to the reserve. Since playing The Banner Saga 2 after a long break or even ignoring the first part, you risk to get lost in the two dozen soldiers and a lot of time will it take to place the characters in the Initiative queue is not random. Not an obstacle for true connoisseurs, but fail idler who wants to hurry to rush into battle.
In The Banner Saga in February 2016 has a thing for battles at the bridges – you can be sure, each time the victory will have to pull out of the hands of the enemy dead.
Some of the characters you do not send to fight until the very end: a lot of characters, and to pump all at once the reputation is not impossible to satiate.
pumping ceiling raised by perks – three level perk. So you can better adapt the character under his military role, give the “tank” regeneration protection, the archer to increase crit. Thing useful and necessary, but would not prevent boevka and other improvements: on the eye, even superficially familiar with The Banner Saga people can not distinguish the second part of the first. And it’s not just battles.
But in reinforcements sent us cavalry soldiers horseborn races that the centaurs are a few caveats. And in the battle of their role, and indeed “horse”: run through the ranks of the enemies, crushing their hooves, descend, shoot and run. As with any type of mobile troops, horseborn not tolerate sloppy style of play, and dying-with in the environment, because they should be given to the impact of new and look to bully the enemy is not broke strong horse back.
All other virtues The Banner Saga at it: magic landscapes in the spirit of Eyvind Earle, game world, where there is no void and no unnecessary details, kindly, though uncomplicated combat animations. Herein lies the only weak point of the game: a new history justifies its existence, and we were again left alone with a mountain of questions.
Is it possible for it to judge such a spiritually rich game almost never sagging? If possible, weakly. Not that Broken Age, as once thundered on Kickstarter – and outrageously merged in the sequel. However, The Banner Saga again completes the story, but leaves an ambiguous plot hook. Will this saga to end with dignity?

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