The Angry Birds Movie HD

The Angry Birds Movie

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About the film
Few people do not know the famous game Angry Birds. Finally, fans waited for a full-length animated film in cinemas. And immediately you can tell the good news, because it will only be the first film of a few. Directors plan to release gradually a few parts. The film based on the famous game will be interesting not only for fans but also for those who have never tried to launch birds at pigs base. This cartoon tells the story of the audience from the start. Then, when the bird did not know who the pigs, and there was still a strong enmity between them. Of course, it is not quietly passed life on the island of birds, but they are with their problems trying to cope. We see the lives of all the characters of the game and find out why each of them has its own peculiarity.
Ed loves to eat, and really want to get acquainted with a pretty bird. But it often does not carry in his endeavors, but because he can not control his anger. Often it is overwhelmed with emotion that he throws on others, because of this, he has to attend classes on anger management, which go a few birds. Bombs also quite interesting personality, but he suffers from exactly the same disadvantage as the Red. He absolutely does not know how to control their anger, and if his red one climbs into the fray, the bomb can not control a splash of emotions. It literally explodes from the overflowing emotions. When he is angry or agitated, his body exploded, leaving black marks on it and the surrounding objects. But the birds can live in peace on their island, trying to cope with their problems, while on the horizon seemed alien ship that they were visited by green pigs. Next, the viewer will see, because of what started this feud.

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