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Birthday: 11.12.1944 year
Place of birth: Lakewood, Ohio, USA
Citizenship: United States
American actress of film with emphasis on Comedy. Nominee Academy Award.
Terry Ann “Teri” Garr was born December 11, 1944 in Lakewood, Ohio, USA.
Teri’s father, Eddie Garr, was an actor of the genre, vaudeville and comedian whose career reached its peak when he began to play the main role in the Broadway drama “Tobacco Road”. Her mother, Phyllis Lind, was a dancer in a popular dance company “Rockette” and also the wardrobe mistress, and model.
Garr is a graduate of high school of the Magnificat, Roman Catholic school for girls in rocky River, Ohio.
Early in his career, Teri has appeared in the credits as “Terry Garr, Teri hope” and “Terry Carr”. The actress made her film debut in 1963 in the drama of Jay O. Lawrence’s “A Swingin’ Affair”. During the formation of Teri as an actress with a recognizable face, she often appeared in several films about Elvis Presley, usually playing the role of a dancer, often not mentioning in the credits. She worked on a small cameo role in the movie musical “Head” (“Head”), a kind of chineese American Quartet, the rock group “The Monkees”.
The actress got the role in the American sitcom “The Andy Griffith Show”, later having a more significant role. For example, the role of Inga in the film of Mel Brooks ‘ “Young Frankenstein” (“Young Frankenstein”, 1974), Bobby Lenders in Comedy Carl Reiner “Oh, God!” (Oh, 1977).
Teri also starred in okaronon film directed by Steven Spielberg “Close encounters of the third kind” (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, 1977), the film for family viewing “the black stallion returns” (“The Black Stallion Returns”, 1993) and has played Caroline’s Comedy Stan Dragoti “Mister” (“Mr. Mom”, 1983).
Among the first works for the cinema it is worth noting the musical Comedy “fun in Acapulco” with her participation, as well as the movies “Viva Las Vegas”, “What a way to go!” and “adult Party”.
In 1974, the actress got to legendary Director Francis Ford Coppola crime film “the Conversation” two years later, starring in the film “Law and order”.
In 1977, Garr played in a Comedy short film Carl Gottlieb “absent-minded waiter”, two years later taking part in the filming of the movie “the Black stallion”.
In 1983, acting Teri can be seen in the crime Comedy Jeremy Kagan’s “the sting 2”.
After a year, Garr was working on the site of the drama, the movie “Firstborn”. And still later, Martin Scorsese took the actress in his Thriller “After work” for the role of Julia.
In 1986, Garr was in a Comedy Jim Kofa “Miracles” in 1988 starred as Louise Taylor in the drama “Full Moon in blue water”, a year after receiving the role of Sonny in action Malcolm Mowbray “Frozen”.
In 1992 Peter Levine took Garr in the Thriller “Deliverance from hell: the Capture of Alta view” and Director Greg Beeman in the family Comedy “Mom and dad save the world!”.
In 1994, together with the inimitable comedians Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, the actress starred in the Comedy about funny adventures of two washed-up idiots, “Dumb and dumber”. In the same year, Garr co-starred in the Robert Altman drama “High fashion” (“Prêt-à-Porter”).
Also Teri Garr was seen on the set of the film “the Perfect alibi”, “Double punishment”, “Michael”, “Changing habits”, “Simple desire”, “Casper meets Wendy”, “to Kill a man”, “Friend of the President”, “Sky under my feet”, “Ghost World” with thora birch, “Romantic crime” and “Children without supervision”.
In 2007, Harr became a member of the stellar ensemble cast comedies “Kabuli” and “Expired” and starred in the short film “God Out the Window”.
The actress did not hesitate to Shine on the TV. The first time she appeared in “The Andy Griffith Show” and in popular TV series “Batman” in 1967, Before viewers noticed acting Garr in the episode of “Star Trek”(Star trek), “Assignment: Earth” (1968), as well as in the TV series “Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” and “the Ken Berry ‘Wow’ Show”.
Teri was leading the “Saturday Night Live”, us TV sketch show in the late 1970s and early 1980s, She has repeatedly been a guest on the show “Late Night with David Letterman”, where he became even more famous due to its improvisational friendly banter with David Letterman.
Garr should certainly know fans of the popular worldwide TV series “Friends” (“Friends”) in the face of the character FOB Buffa, mother of Lisa Kudrow.
The actress starred in the TV series “Dr. Kildare”, “Mr. Novak”, “girl”, “It Takes a Thief”, “Mayberry R. F. D.”, “Room 222”, “McCloud”, “the Odd couple”, “Maude”, “Show Bob Newhart” and “devil’s service in hospital Mesh”.
She played Irene Palaia in the series with a dominant black humor, “Tales from the crypt”; appeared in the TV series “Barnaby Jones” and “Faerie Tale Theatre”, as well as in the TV series “Like a movie” played the role of Sandra Mccadden.
The actress completed the list of participation in running projects for years for his roles in the popular TV series “er,” “Sabrina, the teenage witch”, “Whine. Well, scary movie”, “Happiness”, “Law and order,” “Strong medicine” and “Life with Bonnie”.

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