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Date of Birth: February 25, 1966
Place of birth: New York
Height: 173
Occupation: American actress and producer
Marital status: divorced
Tea Leoni: biography
Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni, better known to fans of Hollywood movies like Tea Leoni was born in New York City. She was brought up in a respectable family with a rich history. Elizabeth’s great-grandfather on the paternal side was the brother of the famous Italian economist and politician Maffeo Pantaleoni. Helenka Pantaleoni Grandma and Uncle Hank Patterson famous as actors.
Parents Tea Leoni relation to the cinema and other forms of art had not. His father was a respected lawyer, and my mother-known New York dietitian.
Probably appeared in Thea genes grandmother and uncle. Girl after school for several years studied anthropology and psychology. But suddenly he dropped everything and went to travel in the middle of the training process. She traveled to Italy and Japan. And after returning realized that the old classes of no return. She wanted to on stage.
In 1988, Tea Leoni successfully passed the tests for one of the roles in the film, a remake of “Charlie’s Angels.” Aspiring actress enthusiastically set to work. But the footage on the air for some reason did not get. Tea first great depressed, but for a long time did not mourn. She moved to Los Angeles and soon find a new job.
At the end of 1980 Leoni made her debut in the form of one of the heroines of the cult “Santa Barbara.” Here Thea paused briefly. She was offered a small role in yet another iconic project – the drama “League of Their Own.” The young actress played on the same site with stars such as Geena Davis and Tom Hanks. After the release of this picture Tea Leoni tasted glory.
For a long time girl named only a secondary role. She remained in the shadow of the stars. To get to the center of the audience’s attention Thea could after the release of the rating comedy series “Flying Blind.” It was a real breakthrough. Leonie filled lucrative offers. She appeared in several television series, which enjoyed huge success with the audience. First of all, “Fraser” and “The X-Files.”
In 1995, fans Thea saw her favorite as a TV host of the popular show. Released at this time comedy project “The Ugly Truth” actress brought a new wave of veneration.
Title Hollywood star Tea Leoni was able to fix after the sci-fi thriller “Deep Impact,” the comedy “Let sleeping dogs lie” and heartfelt melodrama “The Family Man” where the actress starred in tandem with Nicolas Cage.
Best film with Tea Leoni in the 2000s can be called drama “The right people” and “Secrets of the Past,” comedy films “Fun with Dick and Jane” and “Smell of success.”
In recent years, Leonie not removed frequently. But 2014th she loudly reminded of itself in the political drama “Madame Secretary of State,” where she played the main character. The show was so successful that in 2016 its creators have started the season 3 tape.
Personal life
In the life of Hollywood stars have been two marriages. For the first time Thea married when she was 29 years old. Husband Leoni was known producer Neil Joseph Tardy Jr.. The couple settled in his house in New Jersey. But after 4 years and Thea Neal divorced.
Life Tea Leoni was adjusted after 3 years. The actress met a new love – the famous actor David Duchovny. Their passionate affair began on the set of “The X-Files.” A few months later the two stars were married. In the spring of 1999 the happy couple had a girl Madeleine West, and in the summer of 2002, there was my son, whose parents named Kyd Miller.
On the 10th anniversary of the happy marriage of Tea Leoni he made on the ring finger tattoo in honor of the event. It seemed nothing clouded the life of this beautiful couple. But the summer of 2014 fans of the two stars have heard the unexpected news of the divorce Leoni and Duchovny.
Today, Thea is free. It focuses on the work and the younger children.

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