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Birthday: 21.04.1996 year
Place of birth: Chicago, USA
Citizenship: United States
Your style, your look, your voice
It is called ‘girl-old woman’, but the Tavi that did not care, because his approach to fashion and her own style she has managed to attract the attention of the most serious publications. What she doesn’t want to wear pink tops and colored hair bands, Tavi realized in early childhood. And at the age of 11 she already had her own blog about fashion. What is actually this old smart girl? She is a genius or just another product of PR? This question is raised by many today.
Tavi Gevinson (Tavi Gevinson) is a young American, the Creator of the fashion blog ‘Style Rookie’ magazine ‘Rookie Magazine’.
Tavi Gevinson was born in 1996 in Chicago (Chicago ), and she grew up in oak Park, Illinois (Oak Park, Illinois). Her father, Steve Gevinson (Steve Gevinson), a former school teacher, her mother, Berit Engen (Berit Engen), Norwegian descent, was working as a weaver. His first entry in his blog tavi-Tavi thenewgirlintown did at the age of 11, and later this blog was renamed ‘The Style Rookie’, the number of readers who at some point exceeded 4 million.
What managed to interest the audience this American girl?
She created a custom image, dressing in outrageous vintage dresses, and posted their photos online. She wrote own notes on contemporary fashion and teenage vision of fashion. She was writing her own thoughts about life, growing up, adolescence and what can excite today’s youth. So, your blog Tavi was planning to make a private space for your own thoughts.
However chitateli was much more than expected Tavi herself daily to her page went up to 30,000 users. Talented and thoughtful girl soon spotted fashion magazines, Tavi and several times was invited for an interview. Among those who wrote about Tavi – ‘The New York Times’, an interview with the publication she gave in 2008, the topic was teenage blogs.
Very soon Tavi was invited to fashion shows – it has become a true icon of teenage fashion, and fashion is not glamorous, but somewhat rebellious. It was called ‘little old lady’ – besides the fact that Tavi is not the child’s thinking, she prefers to dress in vintage style. So, on her photos, you can see Tavi unthinkable crimplene dresses, coats a La the 1950s, with fleece on the head which wore by our grandmothers. She was photographed on the background of vintage cars, and some pictures of her completely recreate the atmosphere of a bygone 1960s.
Very Gevinson that it is called the ‘little old lady’, don’t bother – it’s her own view on fashion and style, and that is what set it apart from thousands of vanilla pink girls. By the way, like playing on the image of the young woman, Tavi for a long time, dyed my hair a very dull gray color that looked like a true gray.
Among the magazines, at different times, expressed interest to the person Tavi, – ‘Harper’s Bazaar’, Barneys.com, ‘BlackBook’, ‘New York Magazine’, ‘The Daily Telegraph’, ‘Elle’ and others.
About it spoke as about the phenomenal teenager with precocious development of thinking, and some are downright tried ‘to bring Tavi to clean water’, that is, to prove that it is impacted by parents. However, in all the interviews the teenager Tavi easily demonstrated his erudition – it is not childish ease, and has a lot to say to the world of adults and everyone has their own opinion, which is very ably defends.
About his views on beauty, femininity and female character Tavi Gevinson spoke at TEDxTeen conference.
At the beginning of 2011, Tavi stopped to concentrate on fashion, her creative nature found and many other horizons. So, she started writing about cinema and culture, politics, and Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) called Gevinson, the young ‘future of journalism’. Tavi created a project called ‘Rookie Magazine’, and again it was expecting a heavy number of readers.
In 2008, Tavi was first played in the movie, it was the short film ‘First Bass’, and in 2012 she appeared in the film ‘Enough Said’. In the future Tavi expects to appear in the movie more, but only on an acting career she is not going to concentrate.
About who she is, Tavi Gevinson is a real genius or just another product of PR, a lot of arguing on the Internet and on the pages of publications. Whatever it was, today everyone is interested – and what will grow from this young originally, will lose it in the process of growing all of its extravagant style, or in contrast, will be able to turn into something superextraordinary?

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