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Only a century ago Danshui River valley was completely covered with rice fields and farms. But in a short time here it has grown one of the most unusual Asian capitals. Today, Taipei is a bustling commercial and cultural center, the seat of government and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Despite the fact that the city is young, and so can not boast of ancient temples and palaces, and its architecture is quite monotonous, here you can find lots of colorful temples, monuments to heroes and charming museums.
The main attraction of the capital is the National Palace Museum in area Vayshuansi with enormous (more than 720 thousand. Copies) collection of samples of Chinese art. For centuries, this collection is going to many generations of Chinese people, more than 500 years was in the ‘Forbidden City’ in Beijing, patriots hid from the Japanese invaders, and in 1949 was sent to Taipei, so she did not get the Maoists. Now it is the largest collection of samples of Chinese art in the world. Other interesting places are the farm-Lin Antal (1783 – the oldest traditional residential building in Taipei), the shopping area around Snake Alley, World Trade Center, the National Theatre and the National Concert Hall, the complex ‘World-Yestedey’ on Zhongshan-Nord Road with a large collection of mythology, toys and handicrafts museum Shunyi tradition with an extensive ethnographic collection, the Museum of Arts, private Chen Museum with an extensive collection of ancient Chinese art, as well as the excellent exhibition halls in the Memorial hall of Sun Yat-sen, in the Memorial Chiang Kai-shek and at the Memorial of the Martyrs.
An example of traditional Chinese architecture built in the not so distant past, is the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. It combines the extensive use of white marble and elegant roof, repeating the outlines of the roof of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is also built in the spirit of the Chinese palace architecture. It is a high and spacious building, which holds up to 3 thousand. Man, also includes numbering 140 thousand. Volumes of the Library of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and the art gallery named after him.
Many in the city and places of worship – the Temple Longshan or ‘Mountain of the Dragon’ (1738), dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy Kuanin, Confucius Temple, the Temple of AEP – the oldest temple in Taipei (1765), dedicated to the God of War Kuan-Quang temple Cynthia and the famous Great Mosque (1960). Also interesting Botanical Gardens on Nanhai Road with the nearby Museum of Natural History, the National Hall of Science and the National Hall of Art, the mountain resort of Alishan and dominates the northern area of the capital Yangmingshan mountain range with a small reserve Sunshan and magnificent temple of Schengen. One of the best examples of architecture of the Chinese Ching Mansion and Gardens is a family of Lin (1893) in Banchyao. The central building, surrounded by exquisitely terraced terrain with total area of 7918 square meters. m reflects the elegant lifestyle of Taiwan’s elite centuries ago.

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