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All creative activity System Of A Down is not only music and strong lyrics, this is a weapon in the fight against the system, a weapon that does not cause anyone physical harm, but is precisely in the purpose
Then, in 1993, everybody thought that the real heavy rock died under bulk kitsch metal and pop rockers, and the task of the new group of Soil was to prove that it is not. However, the Soil did not last two years, and it gave place to System Of A Down.
All creative activity System Of A Down is not only music and strong lyrics, this is a weapon in the fight against the system, a weapon that does not cause anyone physical harm, but hits the target. All members of the band are not just musicians, but fighters against injustice and corruption, rebellion, standing up against the war in Iraq and for the recognition by Congress of the Armenian Genocide.
Musicians Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo odadjian and John Dolmayan for three years, literally occupied the site of the Los Angeles music at the time dubbed “the ugly child of Frank Zappa and Slayer”. Their concerts, each time came more people, more music publications wrote about this strange music, which thrash-metal aggression combined with Armenian melody. Hard topical texts and Caucasian polyphony does not leave anyone indifferent, and soon, about this group almost all the talking.
This was largely thanks to the famous American producer Rick Rubin in 1998 on his label American Recordings released their very first self-titled album System Of A Down
In the three years since the release of the first album, had accumulated enough material for the new album, and in 2001, the band begins work on Toxicity, which was destined to become platinum and permanently to occupy the first place in Billboard. Toxicity did System Of A Down one of the most famous rock bands in the world, allowed them to travel in a private tour, to join these tour friends and colleagues:Rage Against The Machine, The Mars Volta, Slipknot, Aphex Theory, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tool be headlining the most prestigious and important international rock festivals.
The album Toxicity was not included a good half of the songs, which they decided to postpone until better times. Soon, however, these songs appeared online and became available to everyone. The pirates spread the rumor that this new album System Of A Down, and almost began to successfully sell it when the musicians came to his senses and in the shortest possible time themselves released a CD with the ironic title Steal this Album (“Accompanied this album”).
In 2005 was released the double album Mezmerize/Hypnotize, in which the musicians allowed themselves a bold experiment with a completely non-specific to their areas of R’n’b and groove. New song SOAD — challenging, non-conformist, weird and all the same relevant.
Rebels System Of A Down have always been indifferent to politics. Perhaps the reason the Armenian origin of the musicians, although Armenia itself was born only one of them is Shavo odadjian. All members of the group fluent in Armenian and sometimes sing the songs of his people at concerts. “We don’t need to use Armenian melodies, says Serj Tankian —the music itself is Armenian.”
The most important political issue that concerned SOAD — the recognition of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 in Ottoman Turkey. For several years, on 24 April, System Of A Down suit large charity concerts, proceeds from which are transferred to the organizations concerned with the question of Genocide recognition. During the concert among the audience distributed materials about those tragic events.A year ago in a mail-out to the musicians encouraged their fans to send letters to the leaders of the Senate with a request to recognize the Genocide as a crime against humanity. In the end, the U.S. Congress has received letters from five hundred thousand people! “It is not even politics, says Daron Malakian — this is purely personal. Whenever you divide with the homeland, you think, “I’ll go after you, in their own way. The path of non-violence.” Here we stand before you — the four Armenian guy that listen. If not I will do it, who will? We feel we have a responsibility to those souls. We will continue to fight for official recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish and American governments.”
In the late nineties Serj Tankian with Tom Morello (ex-Rage Against The Machine) has created a public organization, Axis Of Justice (“Axis of justice”), which, in their own words, aims to “contribute to the growth of political awareness”. “Axis of justice” arranges charity concerts, where the sounds of the so-called protest music, performed in unusual cover versions of songs by The Beatles and Bob Marley. Activists of the “Axis of justice” sponsored by the strike of workers across America and various organizations, including those that are engaged in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
“I will not rest until the world exists at least one injustice, says Serj Tankian. We — the people who care. And I believe that while on this world there are people, we all still have a real chance at salvation.”

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