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Name: Sylvester Stallone
Date of Birth: July 6, 1946 (70 years old)
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Eastern horoscope: Dog
Place of Birth: New York
Activity: actor
The weight: 100 kg
Growth: 177 cm
Biography Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester was born in a family of Italian immigrants in the shelter of drug addicts, hooligans and thugs. His quarter was called “Hell’s Kitchen.” His childhood Sylvester Stallone can not be called happy. His parents did not paid the boy time and attention. And when his son was 11 years old, father and mother were divorced. After Sylvester stayed with his father. As a teenager, Stallone has been difficult, it has changed a number of schools from each of its expelled for disgusting behavior and poor school.
In 15 years, Sylvester moved to his mother and went to a special school for difficult teenagers. In the school the student started to play sports, go to the gym and sometimes even participate in theatrical performances. After the special school Stallone decided to continue his studies and went to the American College of Switzerland. In his spare time the young man moonlighting as a coach, and played in the theater. But to return to the States, Sylvester decided to study drama at university, then to make a film career.
But for a long time all attempts to get on the screen were unsuccessful. Therefore, a piece of bread he earned in the gym, as well as working as a doorman, bouncer at the restaurant and even the cleaners cells in the zoo.
The first “normal” role in Hollywood Sylvester was in a porno movie “Randy”, where he performed the role of the Russian bear. While none of the directors did not want to deal with plohogovoryaschim actor. Therefore, the young man was forced to seek help from speech therapists.
Brutal muzhchinaNeskolko following months all day Stallone recite at a play of Shakespeare film, as well as Tolstoy’s books and software. This classic so impressed and inspired by the novice actor, he rushed to write scripts for his future films. However, these stories were not successful.
Get one step closer to the dream could Sylvester Stallone in 1970. Then he starred in another movie spicy. This time it was polupornograficheskaya painting “Italian Stallion” Gela Palmer. Then tape with Stallone in episodes followed one after another. He starred in the film “Party at Kitty and Stud”, “nowhere to hide”, “Banana”, “Klute.” However, the actor did not even bother to mention in the credits.
Quite smoothly Sylvester moved to vtoroplanovyh role. First, the actor had to play a machine gunner Joe in the movie “Death Race,” was followed whimsical Kelly in the film “Goodbye my lover.” Well, and then was followed by roles in the films “nowhere to hide” and “Party.” These works, as well as a starring role in the film “Capone” does not bring long-awaited fame.
Then the actor decided to try to write another script. He came up with the story of the boxer Rocky. She relished the producers, who wanted to buy it for 350 thousand dollars. But Stallone refused the money and offered himself as the protagonist of the painting in 1976.
the film’s success was overwhelming. The work was nominated for an Oscar 10 times. A picture at the box office has collected more than $ 200 million. Therefore, in the latter it was created four paintings pro boxer.
With my family
That helped make Stallone Rocky resounding fame and a substantial fee. Submit Popular Sylvester and three parts of the film “Rambo”, where the actor played the role of a veteran of the Vietnam War.
Immediately followed by a series of paintings, which is already a big-name Sylvester Stallone played the militants heroes. So, there were tapes “Nighthawks,” “Cobra”, “Tango and Cash”.
In 1991 Stallone appeared in the comedy “Oscar” as Angelo Provolone. Immediately arrived, the role in the comedy “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.” Here, the actor played inimitable son Joe. However, in the American box office picture failed, but the Russian audience tape liking.
The actor started working in diverse roles, as well as act as a screenwriter, director and writer. But even this did not help in career, she has already begun to slow down the pace. Five years prior to 1997 Stallone appeared only eight pictures that are not already a success “Rocky.”
At this time, all attempts to re-enter on Sylvester Hollywood Olympus failed. Dips picture “Police”, “Get Carter.” I do not bring the success and sporty 2001 thriller “Mad racers.” A year later, the gunman “Detoxification” was so weak that not even got to the big screen.
Sylvester Stallone Video
At sixty years of Sylvester Stallone did not want to believe in the decline of his acting career. And he has gotten a second wind.
Triumphant return
We presented the sixth picture epic “Rocky” in 2006. The actor starred in the role of their favorite star boxer has retired. On the hero donned a crimson jacket, and he entertained the audience with stories of past life at the table of the restaurant. A “Rambo IV» appeared in 2008. Following released historical picture “Hercules: The Beginning.”
Personal life
Sylvester Stallone has always had the image of a very busy person. The actor filmed a lot, wrote scripts, as well as attending social events and wanted to put the ballet. Maybe so Stallone’s personal life was not so simple. The first wife Sasha gave birth to the actor’s two sons, one of whom followed in the footsteps of Pope. The second boy is autistic. In 1985, the couple separated.
Less than a year later the actor was married a second time. Chosen celebrity has become a model Brigitte Nielsen. But the couple did not live together and a couple of years.
Both Sylvester divorce cost a pretty penny. The first wife has demanded compensation of 33 million dollars. Second wife asked just one million.
It is necessary to take a punch
At the end of the 80s Stallone met model Jennifer Flavia. In 1997, the actor married her, and later had a daughter in the family.
Interesting Facts
At Sylvester were partially damaged nerve endings on the face. But it played into his hands. Slurred speech and sad eyes become the hallmark Stallone.
Mother actor has its own column astrologer in one of the fashion magazines.
Now Sylvester Stallone is among the five highest paid actors of the planet.
The original gift was Sylvester on its 50th anniversary of “Star” weekly. In the edition of a special edition made with the names and pictures of all 595 women who at different times had met the actor.
Stallone wrote in the Impressionist style painting.

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