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Explain Superhot easy: it is a shooter in which time moves then and only then, when you are moving. Run – the bullets are flying, they stopped – frozen in the air (not to the end, but essentially it does not change). This implies two things: first, you can always stop in the middle of a firefight and think what you are doing with your life, and secondly, you are constantly going to kill due to the fact that you have forgotten about it.
The game is like a game
At the end of the level you will be sure to indicate how you laid fifteen men one red verified throw. Imagine a perfect passage level Hotline Miami, but in three dimensions. The repetition hero beats bullets wine glasses with chouyunfatovskim agility maneuvers between the gunfire, ran knocks the gun out of the hands and catches it in flight. It’s amazing. To me it seemed that all this time I jerked awkwardly and stumbled over a step.
Again in Hotline Miami, each level in Superhot – it is a short sketch of the battle, which took place over and over again until you grind to perfection. Enemies fall into photons with one hit, and so will you. Died? Re. Defeat would have taken out of themselves, whether the levels a little longer, but death is a part of everyday cycle. Gradually learns the map, you start to take it all better, thinner and pretentiousness. Gibnesh, but become stronger.
Bullets can be caught by hand. You should know about it.
Of course, with this ability to control the timing Superhot movement constantly puts you in a very uncomfortable situation, of which not extricate himself without this ability. Soon you realize that the most difficult thing – to pass the level in one movement, but simply to take and drastically interrupt this movement. Suppress combat rage, stand up, look around, weigh the situation.
Yeah, one here, another there, and I’m here, so beautiful. In the hands of a shotgun, but do not have time to juggle the gate – to throw quickly. Giving up – got, dwarves drops the gun. Do not have time to touch the ground, catch in flight. Shoot. I am dodging bullets. I shoot again. I hide behind a pillar. I repeat. And further. And further.
It is often easier to select weapons from the enemy than to recharge his own.
Bottles are useful if you need to buy time. Throws hard.
Nothing special
If you repeat something about innovation Superhot, this is one of those rare occasions when about innovation do not lie and do not exaggerate. This game really is highly unusual, even given hell of a mashup, had time to appear after the first prototype Superhot two years ago (like SUPERHOTline Miami). The Poles went into the lead with his abstract style and put it at the service limitations of both the game and the story. And it’s an e-mail «SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT »at the end of each level – the best psihokod.
History, however, is not exactly new. If you do not go into the details, here it is happening the same thing recently happened in Undertale and Pony Island: «Hey, I broke your game, eat your Raffaello, call your sister and now you proshmandovka insidiously manipulate.” Besides, if they came to a breakdown of the fourth wall with fiction and humor, the Superhot squeeze out a tight mental larva about mastering your mind with a look as if she had died ferret broke a fingernail, and she was very offended. Partly this results in a spectacular scene (thanks again style), but sometimes roll your eyes. It cries out to me again «OBEY»? Really?
Melee kills instantly, but you get used to it.
Catania, say, you can cut through the bullet. Try at your leisure.
Main menu. There is what is digging.
After the final message you realize that the developers do not seem very serious, and exhale. But immediately after that plays kondovy Polish rock out like some other games, where all drink vodka and go in camouflage pants. Again begins to feel that something is not right here.
However, Superhot curls up just at the moment when you start to suspect something – bang it. It is not long, but just so to have time to feel the guiding idea and screwed around her as a dozen of interesting situations. Superhot great feel, is passed in one breath and leaves no room for hesitation. More from her and

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