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In the summer of 1998, four canadian boys during the holidays spent together for 41 days, thinking about how they stir up something extravagant.
Being notorious skateboarders (and as you know skateboarders are always partial to punk), they decided to set up his punk band, calling it in honor of their deliberation “Sum 41”. Called these guys Steve Jocz (“Stevo 32”; drums), Dave Baksh (“brown Sound”; guitar, vocals), Jay mackaslin, the Minister (“Koun”; bass) and derrick Wibly (“Bizzy D”; vocals, guitar). Just dudes with a year spent rehearsing, drinking and local concerts before he got signed with “Island records”, published in “Sum 41’s” extraordinary potential.
By mid-2000, the band produced its first album “Half hour of power”. The audience is on the move swallowed this album, and soon “Half hour of power” appeared in the American Top 200 (176 position).
41Затем Sum “Sum 41” went on a long tour during which they were able to play with such prominent representatives of the punk scene as “Blink-182” and “Offspring”. By the time the boys had finally to abandon his studies and work, but like true punks they particularly regretted. By the end of the year the musicians returned to the Studio where he started recording the second album “All killer, No filler”. The producer of the plate was made by Jerry Finn, known for his collaborations with “Blink-182” and “Green day”. This time the guys moved away from pure punk, adding their creativity to the portion of the metal.
Particularly in this respect stood out the tracks “Pain for pleasure” and “Fat lip”. The last song, also heard in the soundtrack to “American pie”, became a hit TV and radio channels that contributed to a significant expansion of the audience “Sum 41”. A group rode across Europe and North America.
Sum 41 the most memorable was the visit of the canadian punks in Austria, where they trashed a hotel room, there Patrushev all the furniture and sorav to shreds the curtains. While the boys amused themselves in this way, sales of “All killer, No filler” worldwide exceeded three million mark. A little distracted from the tour in 2002, the team recorded the third album “Does this look infected?”, the producer of which was listed on Craig Nori. The sound on it is still a little heavier, but transient things became less. As a result, the drive took in the American charts only 32-e a place (the previous release has made it to the 13th).
This situation is not greatly upset the musicians, especially because it was something to do. The boys still had to record a song for the soundtrack to “Spiderman”, as well as participate in the 20th anniversary of MTV. By the way, and in that and in other case the company “Sum 41” are tough rockers like Kerry king (“Slayer”), Tommy Lee (Motley crue) and Rob Halford (Judas priest).

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