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Stuffed Camel

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One of the most difficult dishes in the world in the preparation of, and in my opinion one of the most exotic is a stuffed camel – a traditional wedding dish Berbers. Yes, do not be surprised, it is stuffed, and that camel.
It is not an exaggeration, because this dish is not only the most exotic, but also the largest, rarest and most useful … for men.
According to many very authoritative sources, the ancient nomadic tribes of the East, in spite of the seriousness of the matters of morality, is not considered a sin, an act of copulation with a camel. Well, people are wild – wild manners. That is why, perhaps, in our time, the majestic symbol of the desert recognizes “priceless vessel” which contains a number of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. Some people believe that meat, fat and milk the camel can excite an irresistible urge. For example, the Arabs claim that camel’s milk with honey is able to raise at unprecedented heights “virility”.
Therefore, not surprising that a camel is stuffed with the traditional decoration of each table at the wedding of the nomadic tribe of the Middle East – the Berbers. This is not only very cumbersome dish, but also very expensive and complex.
What is this dish? Inside the fish stew pre-cooked eggs. In turn, fish stewed in chicken. Then, stewed chicken stew so fried ram. And only then stuffed with all these sheep lay in the carcass of a camel. Stuffed camel carcass buried in the sand pit and top kindle fire. That’s so simple. This is the most complicated culinary dish Berbers and served at a wedding banquet table.
Most likely, the ancient custom associated with the existing opinions of the Arabs that of melted fat of a camel humps beneficial effect on the “virility”.
Be that as it may, the stuffed camel – a truly rare dish for the wedding table. Originality in our country is at a premium. So we prepare, try and entertain guests at the wedding.

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