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The launch of Street Fighter 5 was marred by a problem familiar to all fans of online games. Wanting to find out in online battles, whose Chun-Li stronger, was so that the automatic search system opponents drowned under the influx of requests. Waiting for the call to fight for ten or fifteen minutes, and then the connection breaks right in the middle of the fight, is thus described our problems to the first users. The publisher had acted quickly, but the servers are still sometimes reeling.
In any other Street Fighter it would not be perceived so acutely. Still alive in the memory of the players of the days when fighting games with a decent online mode was a rarity. Want to compete against not with the bots — look for friends and extra controllers. But in Street Fighter 5 the emphasis is on network games.
Of all possible single the day you left scraps of story mode and fighting for survival when you alternately attack bots. No traditional arcade with the obligatory fight with the boss in the finals, no small bonus. Go into training mode, and a minimum set of settings to the enemy dummy and the list of available fighter strikes. Mini-test on practicing one or another party? They will appear sometime later. In General, no online Street Fighter 5 has no life.
At the start of the sixteen available fighters. On the complexity of their development can be divided into four groups. If the player had never seen fighting, it is best to start with the universals: Ryu, Nash, or fatty birdie — they are easier for others to learn. A little more effort will require Ken, Cammy, Necalli and Rashid, and the girl, Karin — specialists in continuous onslaught. At the next level — wrestlers, like Zangiyev and Mickey, and master JIU-jitsu Laura. Liked armed with metal claws, VEGA, poison Fang, yogi Dhalsim or clothed in the uniform Bison? They are among the most difficult.
Laura — not the most interesting, but certainly the easiest to learn character. She doesn’t have a lot of protection, but a lot of ways to punish the enemy for mistakes.
The characters have no distinct strengths and weaknesses, but there is a modest set of techniques, which are fairly easy to learn. For victory, in essence, you must know the basic strokes and understand that they are capable opponents. So, there is no better protection against attack from the air on a blow hand. No punishment easier and harder than strong sweeps after a successful block.
As before, in the course of the fight, the characters filled scale critical strike. It replaces the “ultra” of the last part is a powerful and beautiful thing that can end your combo and take down the enemy half of the line of life. Its use has become significantly easier since the input commands and ending with the understanding that it is better to do. Each fighter this technique is unique. For example, Chun-Li and Ryu is most advantageous to use your super when the opponent has already received a series of blows and definitely will not have time to place the block. Laura critical strike looks like a seizure. She will be able to use it to collapse the enemy into a RAM’s horn, even if he is stuck on the defensive.
Birdie is a universal character. It can sit in one place and control the movement of the enemy chain or a can of soda at his feet. But can dramatically up, and instantly shorten the distance and to drive a powerful combo.
Pearl of the combat system — V-scale. In contrast to the scale of critical strike, it is completed as soon as the enemy strikes the hero. Using the V-scale techniques — a way to change the situation in the arena. Each character they own. For example, Chun-Li got a temporary multiplier impacts. One hit on the enemy count just a few. Someone teleports behind the enemy, and someone parries the attack.
Capcom promises that the game will have to pay only once. Bought — and all future updates, including full story mode and new characters every month, you will receive absolutely free. Or rather, will be able to purchase in-game currency, scarce credited for victory in battle. Allowed to pay real money, but the store has not yet started.
Street Fighter 5 is very good as a fighting game. He has intuitive controls, simple rules of combat, vivid and memorable characters. Unlike the previous section, here the intrigue remains in each battle. Unfortunately, in terms of content, Street Fighter V is now a stripped-down version of future games for the price of a full set. Want training include more tests for a single pass and debugged online will have to wait.

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