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American film director, screenwriter and producer.
Co-owner of film studio DreamWorks SKG. In 2008, his name was on the list of four hundred richest people by Forbes magazine in the world. Winner of the title of knight, the queen complained to the UK.
Born December 18, 1947 in Cincinnati (Ohio) in a family of electronic engineer Arnold and pianist Leah. The childhood spent mostly in the company of his three younger sisters – Anne, Nancy and Sue. Soon the family moved to Phoenix (AZ) – a dull provincial town, where Steven went to school. He was the only Jew in the class, which made quite a boy child closed.
When he was 12, his father gave 8-mm movie camera, which Stephen often used. Since then, his dream was the work of a filmmaker. In 1960, thirteen director released the film “Escape to Nowhere” (Escape to Nowhere) and won first prize in the junior competition of amateur films. In order to buy the film, he had to earn a painter.
After school is not an excellent student, he entered the University of California Television Department. In 1964, he shot his first film in the 16-mm film, fantastic “Light of flame” lasting more than two and a half hours. Roles performed by family members. This film brought him a profit of $ 100.
Short films Spielberg “Humbligny” (Amblin), filmed during training at the University in 1969, attracted the attention of the film company Universal, and his seven-year contract has been offered. For example, a novice director decided not to pursue higher education and focused on his career.
He first started working on the television series, and already in 1971 he directed his first short, with one actor, the film-catastrophe “Duel” (Duel). The film was a success, it has won many awards and has brought more than ten million profit.
Shortly thereafter, the producers’ Yuniverlsl “Spielberg offered to remove the real feature film under the script, so even with the Hollywood star Goldie Hawn in the title role. The screenplay, “The Sugarland Express” was awarded the prize at the Cannes film festival, and Spielberg himself then compared in the press to the famous French director François Truffaut.
The next film brought him worldwide fame and recognition. “Jaws” – became the first blockbuster, having collected 260 million dollars.. After that, any failure could materially affect the career growth of Steven Spielberg. Almost every his film becomes a cinema event of the year – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “ET”, a trilogy about Indiana Jones.
At this time, Steven met with Amy Irving. Director and actress fell in love at first sight. In 1985, they were married, Amy gave birth to son Max. But the happiness of the marriage was not … In April 1989, they parted, as compensation Amy received $ 59 million, as Stephen took his son to him.
During the work on the films Spielberg has tried not only as a director: he also produced a lot and sometimes the script wrote. His work has not gone unnoticed – paintings often fall into the category for various film awards. He revealed to the world many talented directors and other film personalities: Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Joe Dante, Chris Columbus, Barry Levinson, Kevin Reynolds, Don Bluth and others. Produced by their films one after another, become hits.
During the filming of the second series, “Indiana Jones” Spielberg became interested in the actress Kate Capshaw, played the leading female role. they formalized their relationship in 1991. Kate took Judaism and found a common language with the mother of Stephen, had three children, and two more with her husband adopted. In addition, Kate has a daughter from his first marriage, and Steven – son. This marriage was a happy one, and still exists today. Happy family having many children Spielberg has 7 children.
In the early ’90s Spielberg began to actively conquer the sphere of television broadcasting, speaking producer of television series and television sets.
Spielberg is not alien to charity. After the release of “Schindler’s List”, he spent $ 85 million to support culture and education among the Jewish people. The director is part of the fund management “Starbright” engaged in children’s hospitals, which together with friends donated 40 million dollars.
By early 1998, Spielberg became the richest figure in the entertainment industry ($ 313 million, and by 2001 – about 2 billion). His collaboration with two other magnates studio Dreamworks SKG gradually gained momentum, releasing a full-length cartoons and “Oscar-winning” picture.
In 1999, the director be named best director of the twentieth century, and in 2001, Queen Elizabeth knighted produces Spielberg “for his invaluable contribution to the British film industry.”
In 2002, 37 years after entering the university, Spielberg finally graduated education and received a bachelor’s degree in “Production of films and electronic effects.” The student lists Spielberg was listed under a pseudonym. It is interesting that at this time he was an honorary doctor of arts five universities, but still decided to pursue higher education, as parents dreamed about it.
May 21, 2008 Steven Spielberg was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor for his work as a whole, as well as for his contribution to issues such as the genocide of the Jews and the conflict in Darfur.

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