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Born April 10, 1952 in the city of Lansing, Michigan.
In 1957 his family moved to Fullerton. Mrs. Pat Segal was the receptionist at the clinic, and her husband was a school math teacher.

Already at the age of 7 he became interested in martial arts and began to master the basics of aikido under the guidance of the Japanese who lived next door.
After finishing school and having studied for several years at Fullerton College, in 1971 he went to Japan to continue his studies of aikido, as well as to comprehend the foundations of Buddhism. In 1975, Seagal Sensei became the first American in the history of Japan to open a dojo here (Osaka, Dzuso district). He called it “Tensin”, which means “divine will.” Being an American martial arts instructor in Japan has proven very difficult; constantly different masters challenged him to check his technical level. This lasted for two years, until Steven Sigal earned himself a reputation as one of Japan’s leading Aikido masters.
In 1982, back in Japan, Stephen Sigal first hit the movie business. It happened in Kyoto. Stephen Segal was invited by the famous master of Japanese swordsmanship Onoh Ittoro to the shooting of the film “Challenge” as an expert on Japanese fencing. Segal was asked to put on several sword fights and bring his students from Tenshin Dojo for extras.

Now Steven Seagal has 4 black belts: in karate, aikido, judo and kendo. Segal’s years of his life in the East remain, despite all the statements of the actor, covered with darkness. There are rumors of Steven Seagal’s repeated involvement in CIA operations in the region.

Back in 1982 in the United States, Seagal founded a martial arts school in Los Angeles, and soon married a Japanese woman, Miyako Fujitani, who, like Stephen, perfectly owned aikido. However, in matters of the family, Stephen Sigal proved to be not a very regular person: he soon divorced Miyako, leaving her two children, and married Andrienne La Russ. And for the third time – on the actress Kelly Le Brock. Now Steven Seagal, according to unspecified data, has a new girlfriend (or even a new wife).

It so happened that in his school of martial arts some Hollywood stars were trained (Sean Connery, for example), whom Stephen Seagal helped in film productions. One of these students, director of a major Hollywood agency, Michael Hovitz, was impressed with Steven Seagal’s skill and invited him to “audition” for one of the films. So Stephen Seagal first hit the big screen, starring in his first film “Over the Law” (Above The Law, 1988), in our country better known as “Nico” (Nico). It is not clear why, but in those old times, when in Russia the video was distributed exclusively by some kind of left-handed ways, through video rentals and acquaintances, all the following films with the participation of Steven Seagal went to hire under the names “Niko-2”, “Niko-3” , even the film “In the Siege” had the prefix “Niko-7”. In some ways, of course, the translators were right: in almost all of his first films, Stephen Seagal played the same type of heroes, a tough policeman who avenges either a dead friend, or a killed family, sorting out the enemies with the same tricks, but However, each film still deserved a separate name (with the release of films on the license, justice prevailed).

However, the most popular film (commercially successful) with the participation of Steven Seagal was the film “In the Siege” (Under Siege, 1992), a kind of hard-nut-like action movie, which was, apparently, spent more than all previous paintings with the actor.

His directorial debut Stephen Seagal failed, reputedly, along with the film “Deadly Danger Zone” (On Deadly Ground, 1994), where he tried to save the people of Alaska from some kind of oil magnate.

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