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Biography Gerrard does not have a lot of interesting facts or details, as long as he himself does not tell much about himself. Therefore, please do not be offended for a small amount of information.
Stephen George Gerrard was born on May 30, 1980 in Wiston, a suburb of Liverpool. As any, in my opinion an Englishman, his dad was a fan of football and an ardent fan of his native team, Ie Liverpool. No wonder he dreamed that his son would play in Liverpool’s T-shirt with a proud inscription on the back of “Gerrard”, so he often “dragged” his son to “Anfield”. True Stephen especially did not have to force, after the match, “Liverpool” – “Coventry” in 1986. in which Liverpool lightly defeated the opponent, the heart of the baby became completely owned by Liverpool.
In order to get to Liverpool, he needed to play well, and he could not do it. Therefore, I went first to the “Whiston Jr.”. Three years of effort and his talent was noticed – in 1989. he was invited to Liverpool.
Initially, he was “not at ease.” The price of errors was very high, so Gerrard was initially afraid to take on a lot of responsibility in the game, because of this, often sat on the bench. But eight years later, fear escaped, self-confidence arose, a good technique appeared, it was noticed on November 5, 1997. Gerrard receives a professional contract from Liverpool. A year later, he first appears on the field for an adult team. This event happened in the match against Blackburn in 1998. However, then Gerrard came on as a substitute for a short period of time. And this debut was basically based on December 8, 1998. in a match of UEFA rank against “Celta”. After this match, Gerrard’s football talent saw the whole world. At the heart of the “Liverpool” just started the problem, the captain of the team, James Rednepp, was out of action because of another injury. For Gerrard it was a chance to gain a foothold in the basis, which he did afterwards, in this he helped the then coach, Gerard Houllier. No wonder Gerrard calls the Frenchman his second father.
In the year 2000 Steven Gerrard already had such a class game that he even received an invitation to the England team from Kevin Keegan. For the first time he wore a white T-shirt of the England team against the match against the Ukrainian national team on May 31, 2000. His team did not really play for Euro, but the debut did take place.
But 2001. became just a “fairy tale” for Gerrard, who could have thought of as many as five (five!) trophies – the FA Cup, the English League Cup, the UEFA Cup, the Super Bowl of England and the European Super Cup.
Unfortunately, if you get lucky somewhere, it’s bound to be bad luck somewhere, so with Steve. He was injured and did not get to the World Cup in Japan and Korea, where his team, perhaps because of his absence, did not show high-quality football and results, respectively.
In 2003, after the departure of Redknapp, Stephen Gerrard became the captain of the team, and in fact he was only 23g. Immediately he was showered with a lot of suggestions from other clubs, but Gerrard, thanks to relatives, remained in the team.
In 2004, a new coach arrived, Rafael Benitez, with whom Steve easily found a common language.
The new coach immediately “spat on the championship” and concentrated the team on the Champions League. And not in vain. Final in which Liverpool won, as it seemed at the end of the first half, an unreal victory, probably will be remembered for a long time. The first time score is 0: 3! Milan breaks Liverpool into pieces. Break – in the locker room you hear “You will never walk alone”, performed by Liverpool fans. After that, the “Merseyside” did not have the right to lose. The second time, Liverpool makes a miracle: head began to “smear” the account Gerrard, Vladimir Schmitser scores second and third finishes after penalty shootout Alonso. Required on the ears. Penalty shootout- “Liverpool” champion !!!
After this victory, Gerrard received the Order of the British Empire, T-shirts with the inscription “Gerrard” beat all records of sales …
Everything would be fine, if it were not for injuries … they just chased Stephen. It was because of them, many were afraid that he would not qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. But he, thank God, quickly recovered and helped his team in the fight for the cup, but unfortunately, Portugal could not beat England …
In the same year, Stephen released his autobiography. He did it not because of his own vanity, but in order to put an end to all rumors about him.
By the way, because I did not say anything about his family, he has a charming wife, Alex Curran (model) and 2 lovely daughters: Lexi Gerrard (born on May 9, 2006) and Lisa Gerrard (born on February 23, 2004).
On October 2, 2007, Stephen had a small misfortune, he shot down a child. This was a pain for him, although he was innocent.
In 2007 “Liverpool” again met with Milan in the final of the Champions League, but Milan this time took a revenge-2: 1.
In 2009, Gerrard extended his contract with Liverpool until 2013. He is already 30. And he continues to play as if he still 23 …

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