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Sterling Knight: Biography
Sterling Knight is predicted a bright career. The guy is gifted in many ways: he acts in film, sings songs, plays the guitar. Nylon Young Hollywood magazine has called the young actor the rising star of the future.

Childhood and youth
Sterling Sandman Knight was born in March 1989 in Houston. The Texan became the elder brother for Spencer and Samantha Scarlet. Already at the age of 10, the boy knew that he would be an actor, and in every way he moved in that direction. Only in the fact that his son formed an artistic biography, only his father believed.

On the way to achieving a dream, Sterling mastered playing the guitar and singing, which was useful later when the young actor played the soundtracks for the films in which he was filming.

The first time Knight went on stage in the school studio. This was followed by the statements of Lost in Yonkers about a Jewish family living in New York during the Second World War, “On Golden Pond” about a father and daughter, whose relationship is established thanks to someone else’s boy. A small role Sterling received in the musical “Bye Bye Birdie”, based on the episodes of the biography of Elvis Presley.

The first cinematographic experience of a novice actor was the short film Calm, and immediately the main role. Then behind the shoulders were minor characters from the cult “Anatomy of Passion” and a thriller about the CIA agent “Snoop”.

To continue his career, Knight moved to Los Angeles and received the first prominent role in the television series Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. In the episodes of the film, Selena Gomez, Brooke Shields and Mickey Rourke appeared.

Widespread popularity brought the character Alex from the comedy “Daddy is 17 again.” Sterling’s screen father played Zac Efron (in his youth) and Matthew Perry (in adulthood).

In 2010, the rising star of Hollywood received a nomination for the Teen Choice Award and the Hollywood Teen TV Awards for the main role in the sitcom “Give Sunny a chance.” Sterling played a guy who considers himself the center of the universe, in love with the main character, but does not want to admit it.

When the show was left by the lead singer Demi Lovato, Knight continued to appear in the project, but said that it was more fun with the singer. The spin-off titled “How Thrown!” Stayed on the air until the end of 2011. In parallel, the guy participated in the filming of the little-known comedy “Heroic Monsters” about monsters living among people.

The series “Star Disease” has become one of the most popular Disney channel products. In a musical comedy, Sterling reincarnated into a Hollywood celebrity, the favorite of women – singer Christopher Wilde. In the film, the actor sang the song “Starstruck”, in all the others a phonogram sounded.

Much more songs Knight happened to perform in “Ellie: The History of the Modern Cinderella.” The actor has retained the same role – a handsome man with a radiant look and a charming smile.

Soon, Disney’s favorite was entrusted with a major role in the Transit thriller. The audience saw a young actor in the form of Shane, the son of the protagonist, played by James Caviezel. In the story, the Shane family, unwittingly, gets a bag of millions of dollars, which is thrown into the car by a gang of robbers. Banal outdoor recreation turns into an action thriller.

As a guest star, Knight appeared in the third season of the project “Melissa and Joey”, telling about the adventures of a former businessman who, after being fired, works as a nanny for his own boss’s children. The young man got the role of the boyfriend of the daughter of the chief.

In 2016, Sterling starred in several films: in the comedy series “Full House” by James Burroughs, in the short film “Danny Boy”, in the drama “It Snows All The Time”. In the thriller “Mina Begins to Tick,” filmed by Georgian filmmakers, Knight played a member of the love triangle.

During the campaign, the hero steps on an old mine and, in anticipation of an imminent explosion, informs a friend that he is having an affair with his bride. In the end, it turns out that the failed groom knew about everything and, having set up a tragic situation, he tried to get a confession.

Knight’s name appeared in the credits of the tape “Different Berry Fields” about a girl who left the groom right in front of the altar and left in search of a dream to travel. The role of the unfortunate guy went to Stirling. At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the film was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award and won the Kansas City FilmFest prize in the Best Narrative Feature category.

Personal life
At the level of rumors, information spread on the Web that there was a place in the heart of a young actor for a colleague from the series “Give Sunny a chance” Demi Lovato. The novel allegedly lasted a year, the couple did not speak about the reasons for parting.

And some of the fans still insisted that the relations of the young people were purely friendly. Knight appeared in a couple of shots in the Demi video, shot for the song “La La Land”.

Stephanie Crews was recorded as a friend of Stirling after they were found together in Las Vegas. According to unconfirmed information, Knight met with cousin Miley Cyrus, Maddy, as well as with actress and singer Jessica Bridgeman.

Recently, a dancer and actress Aylu Kell are seen next to Knight. The girl starred in the popular youth TV series “Gymnasts” and with Sterling – in the episode of the film “Melissa and Joey.”

Leisure time artist, as evidenced by the photo in “Instagram”, spends with friends, in the gym or playing golf.

Sterling knight now
In 2017, Sterling entered the main caste of Richard Shankman, the independent sci-fi sequel Man from Earth. The new picture was called “Man from the Earth: Holocene”. The film was released on American screens in January 2018 and has already been nominated for the Saturn Award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films in the Best DVD / Blu-Ray Release category.

For critics, the work did not provoke enthusiasm. The opinion was expressed that there was no point in looking at the continuation without seeing the original source. Someone did not like the jumble of unnecessary conflicts of heroes, not an impressive cast, and the transformation of college students into protagonists was called the biggest mistake.

Philip performed by Knight, who looks like a fundamentalist Christian and who claims that Jesus is an immortal caveman, some of the spectators seemed the most problematic character.

The final, based on the personal confrontation of Philip and John Oldman, according to critics, moved from the category of speculative science fiction to a poorly reasoned anti-religious attack. There were calls to keep the memories of “Man from Earth” clean and leave a sequel alone.

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