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Stephanie Beacham

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Birthday: 28.02.1947 year
Place of birth: North London, UK
Citizenship: United Kingdom
The famous actress, gained popularity in Britain. She played many interesting roles, and to this day surrounded by the love of loyal fans.
Stephanie Beauchamp was born on 28 February 1947 in London, England and was one of four children family. Mother Stephanie was a housewife and his father worked in an insurance company and was a Director of the company for the sale of real estate.
Stephanie from a young age was a special child. Pregnancy her mother, burdened with illness, was extremely difficult. As a result, the light appeared Stephanie – almost deaf in my right ear. Subsequently, after a serious diagnosis, the doctors found that hearing the beach is still there – 75 percent.
Despite problems with health, the girl was not much different from their peers. Moreover, although she has never dreamed of becoming an actress, Stephanie shone creativity – in that sense she knew more than the surrounding children.
Growing up, the beach entered the St Michael’s Catholic grammar school, graduated from it with great success, and then went to voyage to Europe. Initially, Stephanie traveled to France, and later in the UK. There the future actress entered the Royal Academy of dramatic art.
Amazingly, the first instinct yesterday’s student was working with deaf children who would like to teach dance. Unfortunately, those dreams were not meant to be.
But true some deeply hidden dreams – Stephanie began working as a model, and some time later he starred in his first film.
Simultaneously with the part in the movie beach was filmed and on television – she acted in various programs that kept the show and loved the audience, most of whom were fans of Stephanie.
By the time Stephanie Beecham was in demand and the Directors, which attracted the versatility of the actress (she could play a kind of angelic governess and just after some time with no less ease were reincarnated in a completely polar way).
In 2003, the actress was again in London and for several years acted in the British television series.
Currently, the actress continues to work. She is the mother of two children and the grandmother of one grandson, who thinks Stephanie Beecham obvious acting skills.

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