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The authors joke about Russell’s Teapot, acquaint us with living near a black hole Kum Cthulhu, confronted the army of clones and ksenomorfov and reasonable junta mushrooms – arthropods hipsters. No, this is not a synopsis of the next project by JJ Abrams, and the attempt of the Swedish studio Paradox go with the theme of history science fiction about the conquest of galaxies, that is, from the soap opera – a space. Demanding equal of logic and imagination, the game still will like not every fan of the genre. What is its ambiguity?
Two hundred years – normal flight
Stellaris have a lot in common with other 4X-strategies of the cosmos – from Master of Orion II and ending with Endless Space. In other words, where gamers try their hand at the role of the gods, burning pots. It is necessary to monitor the universe, delving into the details, promote the general line of the party with an eye on the handful of opposition, to build macroeconomics, sparingly counting every penny in remote colonies. Fortunately, unlike the previous works the Paradox, this is mastered perfectly, but its simplicity does not affect any freedom of action, no matter the meticulous elaboration of the universe. Unleash your imagination – and it entice you to go where no man has gone before. Here is a routine study of anomalies turned the novel by Strugatsky brothers “Hard to Be God”, but the next upgrade AI starships ended the uprising machines.
Play harness for a long time, but with the invention. First, choose a race, guided by its distinctive features. For example, beetles overgrown fertile and give the benefit of the collective above his own, creatures with faces of Dr. Zoidberg good at science, but people are equally happy to take up the construction and colonization. Much depends on the prevailing customs of the people: for some great live arrange genocide and pay outsiders (and fellow too) into slavery, while others fuss over every beast, quite reasonably, to hum, “Hi!”. Important even appearance wards. Who is afraid of death, that in response to the “we come in peace” at risk of abuse to hear, but the result of the evolution of Sid from “Ice Age” gets a bonus to charisma. If little organic races – craftsmen have made mod for the game of robots, where dreams come true Bender Rodriguez.
The path to galactic domination of your empire begins in 2200, with total assets in a single planet. Around – the unknown, where the research vessel literally touch finds energokreditov sources, minerals, or help for three branches of study – physical, engineering and social. And you’re lucky – and still finds a couple of planets suitable for colonization, which is in short supply. But not all of Discovery is safe: no turning back, briefly share the fate of James Cook. Devices occasionally intersect strange life forms, and some systems guarded by the natives, the award for a victory over them – the first stimulus flotostroitelstva. Here strategy illustrates the adage mind dream: a product that seemed hell yesterday after learning turns into a pack of harmless giants drinking dioxide from the atmosphere of planets like Jupiter. Another thing the pirates – these better pressure until small.
Although Stellaris and borrows from all the more or less prominent specimens of the genre, it is noticeable characteristic handwriting Paradox. Firstly, the effect is developing in real time. To read the reports from the field, describe the technologies that give orders or appoint, no fuss, all the construction, it is necessary to put the game on pause. Second, the human factor. Presidents, kings, governors, scientists and admirals have time allotted to them for years to gain wisdom or bad habits – for example, to become alcoholics. That, of course, affect the performance of their assigned departments. Cadres decide everything – inevitably learn to prolong their lives with the help of genetics, and make sure that no one was rubbing his pants wasted. However, men are mortal, and replace old recruits – if only enough points to influence their employment. Local kuklovodstvu far from Crusader Kings II, where we used to razzhalovyvali barons in the grooms and the wives of exiled in the monasteries, but remained osadochek feudalism.
This chair is on fire
The logic of the game universe is deceptively simple: race are using bonuses on minerals are building on energokredity contains at least the development of science you add ships in shipyards new modules, and the sight of an opponent – bёsh by grasping tentacles squadron battleships. But the strategy does not allow to deploy the expansion of the usual sense, as, for example, in “Civilization” Sid Meier. Of course, in addition to the savage lampreys and interstellar, galaxy inhabited by race, enough developed to also explore the cosmos. Of course, the neighborhood creates a conflict of interest and the principle of “where you do not send settlers there put outposts” – and so long as the boundaries between the state will not be able to push storublёvku. Now would vdarit rockets landed yes occupation troops – you think. And, as a rule, are mistaken.
Climb ahead will not work – it is already predictable random study of technologies without the usual “tree” with the obvious ways from the plow to the atomic bomb. Same with planning a military campaign. Continuing to fight, priraschivaya territory at the expense of capture systems, ruinous – so long to go into negative on all counts and “merge” party. But let’s say you liked especially the burly little world in the realm of the opponent. So much so that for him is to cross the lasers. You are right to lay claims to the planet (that means, other indemnity will not be), brilliantly smash the enemy fleet to shreds, but then find that the enemy-it is still, it is even afraid to say, is good to you. Is it not a skunk?
It turns out that you are attacked by pacifists, spiritualists, so in person their leader will tell you that the soul is immortal and quietly go away puff at his bong. To force him to share the planet, will have to occupy and destroy everything – down to the last station on the back of his possessions. But even then, having achieved the desired, receive a hotbed of separatism in place of a cash cow. The king can, and pacifist, but the servants had fierce. Rebels will blow enterprises and lobby for their interests in the political arena, and the governor – this is because the bad luck! – Due to the specifics of the selected faction is unable to give them a genocide or enslavement. What’s next? Spend points of influence to bribe the leader of the guerrillas? This is a temporary measure. In the future, still revolt.
The trick is that Stellaris generates such situations, one after another, blowing small mistake to fatal mistakes and putting the player in front of the non-trivial task. Any condition of victory – to take control of 40% of the worlds, and even on the square catty. What’s more profitable to make an enemy or vassal to chew off a piece of its territory? What if in the neighborhood so-called “fading empire,” which in the foreseeable future either subdue or overtake in the development? And angering such a machine – down the drain. On the other hand, on a dry political intrigue, too, does not go far – the reasons for the war in the galaxy abound, and when they do not have any, they soon find the opponents. Simply put, no expansion “from sea to sea” to hold or cut fleet for scrap, but of the finished development strategy and out you can forget. Is it any wonder that the Swedish studio product is doomed to collect the mixed reviews?
Thank you for the victory of the Swede
Who used to calculate the moves in advance, reading the gameplay, if the table to Excel, risking to experience some discomfort from the strategy. After all, it is rather a sandpit than clockwork. For other fans of the genre the game will be as a pleasant surprise, what began in 2014 Endless Legend. She is beautiful, meditative, full of surprises, but because of respect for the authors to the space theme, and still conveys great atmosphere Heinlein books Sheckley and Frank Herbert. So, tune in, you immerse yourself in the Stellaris to stay.

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