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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

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StarCraft history started nearly 17 years ago. Then it was one of the many real-time strategy, though flavored with great multiplayer, powerful sci-fi plot and carefully balanced races. 2015. The once popular genre breathing heavily, presented mainly kazualschina for mobile platforms so indie strategies. But StarCraft brand is still strong: around him formed community devoted fans waited for the final of this epic saga. And these seventeen years of waiting were worth it.
StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void – it is the final story, started in 1998. The composition of the characters has changed little since then: under the command of the players are new James Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, Zeratul and Artanis, whose hands decide the fate of the universe. The second expansion pack continues the events of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm: Dominion is in ruins, with the army of Zerg, Sarah is looking for the mysterious Dark God-Amun, and the Protoss under the command of Artanis hierarch preparing to return home world – Aiur. With the invasion of Aiur, and the game begins. Carefully, hereinafter may be minor spoilers.
Legacy of the Void in terms of plot can be described like this: “What do here could go wrong?”
Invasion turns nightmare when fallen zel’naga Amun subordinates virtually all protoss army with the help of a neural network that connects them. Artanis, whose troops suffered serious damage, forced to retreat and find a way to win and regain the Fallen and the army, and the homeworld. All major campaign Legacy, in fact, focused on the war Amun and Artanis.
All in the game tasks nineteen main campaign plus three tasks prologue and epilogue – a total of twenty-five missions. The main story of the protoss campaign ends, but the epilogue – the whole storyline series, bringing together three races and making them work together. In contrast to the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, where one planet fell out three or four missions in Legacy on rare planet passes over two missions: Artanis with the remnants of his army swiftly moved the sector, almost never staying long.
Initially, the approach to the main part of the plot planning unsettling. After the previous two games and the prologue “Premonition of darkness” players once again find themselves with nothing: the army is composed of three types of units, half of the buildings lack, and receive new units can only be doing the job. The decision a little strange, but it fits into the overall concept of “invaded the planet – lost army – began to gain new”.
Much more surprising – sometimes frustrating – the approach of the authors to the content of missions. The Legacy of the Void is quite a lot of tasks, the general sense is reduced to a single phrase: “Find and capture / destroy 3/5 of objects, without it we can not move on!” And these missions really enough, and at some point there is even confusion : how much can you already!
But Blizzard has not forgotten about the variety, which is famous for the other parts. Here you capture five energy cores to enter the ancient temple. In this task, you have access to all the army, all the features of the ship – in general, everything your heart desires. Next the mission, it is directly in the temple, and takes away from you the base, and the support of the space, leaving the hands of only a couple of characters and a whole crowd of evildoers.
And there are unusual situations in the game enough. For example, as you mission where the main base is moved on the map … the rails between the asteroids? Or run a race with an orbital laser? The scenery, as well as the mission, replaced one after the other, and at some point you begin to realize that StarCraft blame for the fact that you have to smooth out any there energy core from enemy interference is meaningless.
As in the previous parts, between missions, players are free to wander on his ship – in this part on “Spear Adun,” the remnants of technological greatness protoss. Here you can chat with the crew, select the types of units that will go on the next mission, bonuses, which will give the ship. The system has hardly changed: collecting missions during a certain number of special resource solarita, you can improve the ship’s reactor and discover new skills.
In all, “Spears” has four active and two passive skills, and in every line you can choose one of three unique skills – for a total of eighteen different skills. These skills are a kind of substitute for the virtual absence of units in the game-heroes. With one of them, for example, you can fry until crisp whole crowd of enemy creatures, and with another – to speed up the period of time for building ten times and build an army quickly. Skills of the ship, as well as units that are opened as you progress through the storyline.
In terms of units change by “their own type of gameplay” in the game, too, all is well: Blizzard obviously listened to the requests of players and has provided an opportunity to “flip” type of troops before each job. Each unit in the Legacy of the Void, there are three different variations, each of which is endowed with a unique ability. So, stalkers can be replaced by the dragoons, who disappeared after the first part. Dragoons, unlike his colleagues, can not teleport and generally pretty slow moving, but they are much more durable and stronger than them “jumpy” counterparts. A Void radiators (they are the same – “warmer”), which in the original beam increase with every second, can turn into a hellish starships, splitting and which hurt several goals.
Another important component of the “peaceful” moments on the ship – a dialogue between the characters. The team at Artanis selected a motley and colorful: obsessed by technology engineer Carax, struck in stasis century counselor and keeper of knowledge Rohan Matri dark templar Vorazun adoring argue for any reason, and one sarcastic and cynical, a Templar named Alarak, which is the exact opposite of Artanis.
Artanis – an idealist who tries to save everyone and everything, sprinkles pretentious phrases right and left and generally often behaves like a hero of a cheap thriller. Alarak, on the contrary, cynical and Yechida, likes to put in place Artanis, which is once again in the dreams sped away win Ayur alone. Alarak appears, unfortunately, closer to the middle of the game, so that by the time you Artanis could seriously annoy its pathos and idealism.
By the way, in the dialogues between the characters is revealed another fact: the protoss have no sense of humor at all, which is why the dialogue from the previous installments looked at the order livelier and more natural.
If we put aside the story campaign mode and take a look at everything else, you can find a few nice innovations and changes. One of the main – co-op mode, where two players control characters StarCraft and perform different tasks (one of those tasks we have already seen in our streamers). Players expect six tasks on different planets: you will fight enemies and perform side missions. Sometimes it is necessary to stop the shuttles are trying to run away, sometimes to destroy the train, as in Wings of Liberty campaign story.
Heroes of the course assignments are pumped, you can employ powerful units and a more effective skills. This mode is quite good, but it lacks content: not only the cards and jobs, but also heroes.
The second major innovation – the “Archon” mode for multiplayer, allowing two players to manage a database. This mode is not new to veterans of the series: he has shone in Brood War addition to the first part (just called Team Melee). But the “Archon” is a little different from what we saw in the original: base command are only two people (not four, as before), so that players will have to work much coherence. This mode is perfect for training and demonstrations of any tactics, but it is unlikely to be a hit. But by itself the idea of a cooperative management framework, of course, curious.
There was also seriously revised and balance multiplayer. Changes visible to the naked eye: the workers at the start is given more than before, the minerals in the starting bases – less than before, which will complicate the game “of the defense”, each faction was reinforced (two on each unit). Here, by the way, you will find another gift from the developer: Zerg back on familiar Brood War-secretive spiders which, when Bury, converted land army of enemies in neat rows meat. But, as before, the multiplayer mode – a test for the strong spirit. Or for Koreans.
Legacy of The Void shows how great story should end. Of course, the story does not end with StarCraft: next year will see a mini-campaign about the Nova, and support the game with new maps, revisions balance and other things, developers will obviously long. And in ten years we may see StarCraft 3. But exactly this, without any modesty, great history came to an end. It’s sad, but it is a pleasant sadness.

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