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Birthday: 1/20/1966, the
Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York, USA
Citizenship: United States

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The well-known American actress, model, activist art. It is known for a large audience, mostly living in the United States. During his long career as an actress I have played a lot of interesting and memorable roles. Critics have repeatedly noted actress talent, talked about her unusually light and colorful game.
Stacey Dash was born on January 20th 1966 in the Bronx (New York, United States). The girl’s parents were African-American. Brother Stacy engaged in business and held a high position in an extremely well-known prestigious company. A cousin of the actress was engaged in promotion of one of the American groups and achieved in this case greater heights.
From the earliest years, Stacy was fond of acting work and dreamed of the big stage. American Dream fulfilled rather quickly, and it is already at a young age began to play in a movie. Naturally, the first roles that are performed by Stacy, were sporadic and minor, but over time, the actress began to receive more offers from well-known directors and producers.
In 1988, Dash played his first major role in a feature film. At the same time she first starred in the television series, working with several well-known actors.
During his long career as a talented American actress starred in over 20 films and television series, many of which have become incredibly popular. Stacey Dash has repeatedly been honored with various – deserved – prizes and awards. Indeed, all the actresses character receives an unusually high quality and sensual.
Stacy was married twice. With the first husband divorced actress in the year 2006 because of the sorts of differences and misunderstandings. A year later, the American was married again, which was a happy one. The couple live in New York. There’s also the father of two beloved children. Free time Stacy enjoys spending with his family – kulinarnichaet talented and engaged in the house.
American continues to work actively. In its plans for a large number of different projects. Next year, for example, are preparing to enter a few films with the participation of talented actress. Stacey Dash fans eagerly await the new works of their pet and are always ready to support her.

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