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About Saint-Petersburg
Saint Petersburg is one of the largest cultural centers of world importance, often referred to as the “Cultural capital of Russia”.
Saint Petersburg is the European gateway of Russia, its strategic center, directly bordering with the countries of the European Union.
This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, played an important role in Russian history.
Modern St. Petersburg- an important cultural and industrial centre and the largest seaport. Infrastructure development and the location of the city and an important commercial and centre.
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The Northern capital of Russia also often called the City on the Neva river, North Palmyra, North Venice, City of white nights, the Cradle of three revolutions
Currently, Saint Petersburg is one of the most actively developing regions of Russia, which has huge investment potential. The city has an exceptionally favorable geopolitical position, developed economy, an effective transport system. In addition, St. Petersburg has enormous human, intellectual and innovative potential, there are significant industrial and technological resources.
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Saint Petersburg is the northernmost cities in the world with a population of over a million people
Saint Petersburg is the second largest (after the capital region) centre of economic life of the country. It houses the headquarters of such major Russian companies as “Gazprom Neft”, “SIBUR holding”, “SCF”, “Polymetal”, etc., opened offices in hundreds of leading international companies. In recent years, St. Petersburg is developing at a considerable pace: implementing large-scale investment projects, including the creation of the Western high-Speed Diameter (WHSD), Marine facade of St. Petersburg, development of Pulkovo airport, improvement of the territory of Apraksin yard and New Holland, the Novo-Admiralty island, creation of modern shipyards on Kotlin island, the construction of the second stage of the Mariinsky theatre, the football stadium on Krestovsky island.
In 2018 Saint Petersburg will become one of the Russian cities which will host the world Cup. By this time it is planned to put into operation a line of high-speed railway communication with Moscow, involving the train speed to 400 km/h.
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Key facts and figures about St. Petersburg
Year of construction: 1703
Date of Foundation: may 27,
Former names:
up to 1914 – St. Petersburg
to 1924 – Petrograd
prior to 1991 – Leningrad
Area: 1439 sq. km
Population: 4 879 566 people (in the Metropolitan area – more than 5.4 million people)
The number of cultural heritage sites: more than 8 600, including more than 4 200 objects of cultural heritage of Federal importance (10% of all monuments protected by the state on the territory of the Russian Federation)
In St. Petersburg actively shape and develop a modern automobile (Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, GM) and shipbuilding (Admiralty shipyard, Baltic plant, Severnaya Verf, etc.) clusters, the cluster of enterprises of power engineering, pharmaceutical and biotechnology clusters, the cluster of companies in the sphere of information and telecommunication technologies.
In Saint-Petersburg – the second largest University centre in the country – more than 90 universities and more than 350 scientific organizations, many of which have earned worldwide fame. First of all, thanks to its graduates and employees, so everyone will be able to continue this tradition and to contribute to the development of scientific or educational base of the city and the country.
Unique and inimitable atmosphere of St. Petersburg is formed not only due to its historical mission of capital city, a wealth of scientific and economic potential. Saint Petersburg is rightly proud title of “the Museum under the open sky.” Our city is hundreds of museums, monuments, parks, gardens, fountains, dozens of squares, palaces, theatres, art galleries, permanent and temporary exhibitions. Here is not only interesting to study and work, it is interesting to live.
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More than 200 museums, 70 theatres, libraries, 1000, 50 theaters, annually more than 1000 exhibitions, Premier 120, 280 festivals
17 stadiums, more than 1,500 sports halls, 10 sports halls, ski bases 20, 12 rowing bases and channels, more than 90 swimming pools, 17 indoor facilities with artificial ice
St. Petersburg is situated on more than 30 Islands
In the city using water objects thrown more than 300 bridges
The water surface is about 10% of the total area of St. Petersburg
Metro Saint Petersburg is the deepest in the world (average depth of most of the 65 stations is 50-75 meters) and one of the most beautiful
Saint Petersburg – a city of trams, the longest tramways caught in his time in the Guinness Book of records
A distinctive feature of the city and its trademark are the White nights, the length of which is about 50 days a year
The historic centre and the Palace and Park ensembles suburbs included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO
“Scarlet sails” – all-Russia ball of graduates celebrated in St. Petersburg, is the world’s only festival of this scale, dedicated to the graduates of schools, and the only Russian festival listed in the world’s event tourism and recommended to visit in many countries of the European Union
Saint Petersburg is annually visited by more than 2.3 million foreign and 2.8 million Russian tourists
St. Petersburg and Leningrad has always been famous for its hospitality and tolerance. Saint Petersburg is the city in which they live and coexist in harmony representatives of all major world religions. Walking through the streets and avenues of St. Petersburg, You can see and an Orthodox Church and a Catholic Church, and Protestant Church and a Buddhist pagoda and Muslim mosque and Jewish synagogue. This is an integral part of the original architectural and cultural landscape of our city.

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