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Title SUV SsangYong Nomad has long been at the hearing. Moreover, these machines for several months romp roads Kazakhstan, but information about them until recently been low. And the long-awaited presentation, where we learned a lot of interesting details, and even had a ride on the “Nomad”, which is called the first domestic.
Production of SsangYong Nomad began in December last year, and cars produced since (there were made about 300 pieces), is already running on the roads of the country. Why did it happen? Start of such production requires a careful assessment of the quality of products manufactured here. It should not only check whether the car is assembled, but also get reviews of the owners. That is why such machines were, but on the other hand, as if they were not.
Cute front part allows you to forget about the gloomy past, held under the name Actyon
The ceremonial launch of the model planned back in January, but the company SsangYong cool the ardor of the Kazakh side, forbidden to hold a presentation before the end of the six-month test, so the sale Nomad’ov start officially until now. While these machines are evaluated by experts and ordinary consumers, the factory “SaryarkaAvtoProm” managed to start production of Toyota Fortuner SUV for a new method for Kazakhstan – CKD. “Forchuner” eventually has appropriated part of the laurels laid “Nomad”.
The rear part has not changed much compared to the original “Aktion”
In fact, it is Toyota Fortuner can be considered the first car is really produced in Kazakhstan. On the other hand, originally created under the conveyor SsangYong Nomad. Now both machines are produced in Kostanay side by side, although there are some differences. For example, if a body of Japanese boiled SUV manually operate the robot, and the volume is due to release of Korean welding line machines. If the Japanese are going to do only 3 000 cars per year, that is, they have to cook for no more than 12 bodies per day, taking into account exports to the SsangYong line required to produce up to 8 bodies per hour.
As for the quality of domestic cars, then, according to the president of the group of companies Andrei Lavrentyev AllurGroup, SsangYong Nomad much higher quality produced in Kazakhstan than in South Korea itself.
SUV Nomad is not a novelty for Kazakhstan. This modernized sample SsangYong Actyon 2005, which was collected in Kostanai since 2010. On the differences from a source code Remove talk with the chairman of Kostanay plant Alexey Sidorenko, who was engaged in “Nomad” from the beginning. As we thought, from the original “Aktion” the differences are not so much. Nomad has a different appearance, and interior design (instrument panel, seats), though varies with the machines that are going to have before, but identical to Actyon in other markets.
Headlights are very simple, you either xenon or LED running lights, conventional halogen lamps
Goodbye, rhino!
Domestic SsangYong Nomad handsome not name even after a couple of glasses of spirits, but on the other hand, no crocodiles or rhinos to the association no longer occurs. Thank you say is cute and even charismatic front fascia. Another would be to process and back …
If we talk about the design of the exterior, the domestic Nomad was similar to the modern pickup Actyon Sports front end, a modified rear lights and a new rear bumper. Design of “Nomad” were engaged in Korean experts. They suggested several options and chose a Kazakh team but to make small adjustments. Do not dust, in general, had a job. But most importantly, that there Kazakhstani it own model name – Nomad. It is unique, because SsangYong with the same name are available only in our country.
Neither the motor nor the transmission is nothing new. Nomad continues SUV classic layout: frame structure, dependent rear suspension and wheel drive with two-stage transfer gearbox. Under the hood of the petrol engine volume of 2.3 liters (150 hp and 214 Nm).
With the conveyor to bezodorozhe
The presentation and subsequent test drive took place at a ski resort “Tabagan” in Almaty region. In the winter here full of life, and in the summer, only a few workers listlessly picking their communication. It is here that the organizers have paved the brief off-road track, partly the slope and partly by the existing roads.
In motion machine behaves like a true SUV: impenetrable suspension, doing almost four turns from lock to lock the steering wheel and empty leisurely acceleration. The train was only on a small off-road track, and this element Nomad good. Rear axle provides good articulation. When it becomes a little knob that can be turned on four-wheel drive on the front panel, and only if absolutely priperlo, the aid reduction gear.
SUV with a 6-speed automatic and confident riding on the top and on the bottom row of the transmission, allowing the move to a steep hill on which a normal person would not stop. «Mechanical» Nomad in this sense is not so unpretentious. Without the inclusion of ponizhaykoy traction gasoline engine is often not enough, and has to include assault slides 4L mode. Alas, the desired mode is switched on and off is not immediately.
The picture shows the interior of the most expensive version of the Premium, only it has climate control and a leather-covered steering wheel
People simplicity
Based on customer desires, Nomad’y pretty stuffed options, but even with them equipment turned out quite meager. For example, even the most expensive version has only two airbags, electric windows only on the part of the driver, and features such as rear view camera, daytime running lights and cruise control is not in sight.
With regard to driving comfort, in such circumstances, with him in order. A decent noise isolation, swallows large irregularities and did not notice the small holes suspension, powerful enough conditioner. However, the simplicity of the design and age of the machine is not allowed to relax. Choose a comfortable fit is not easy: the wheel is regulated only by the slope and the rocks on the short arm, the seat is adjustable in height (can only raise or lower the pillow).
The front seats are not bad, but the height is adjusted only cushion, not the entire chair
The trunk would be here
Despite the rather big size (4465 mm from bumper to bumper), the trunk in Nomad’e in urban crossover, that’s why the factory booklet modestly ignores the data. Do not get shipping belongings to ceiling – prevents sloping roof.
Not so hot in the car with practicality. Trunk by the standards of SUVs and crossovers of similar size (length and Nomad has nearly 4.5 meters), just funny, underground, only a narrow dokatka and loading height is such that it is easier to carry hand luggage than to raise it to such a height. Equipping cars mixed feelings. On the one hand, even the basic version with the mechanics of the cost of $ 23 700 has air conditioning and heated front seats. On the other – in such a machine no ABS, radio, only one airbag and iron rims.
Good and bad
Inside the “Nomad” is more interesting and convenient solutions, such as a hook and a socket on the passenger side. But, as usual, in the memory are not such amenities and mistakes that spoil life. Stumped machine that can be operated either in the winter or in sport mode. It later emerged that the Sport – this is normal. And it is quite annoying buttons on the steering wheel, which is necessary to change gears manually. Making it convenient only when the wheels look strictly straight.
If you want a car with anti-lock brakes, get ready to throw another $ 1000, and in addition to having to get the appendage ABS alloy rims. My choice – this is a car with a gun, however, the price tag soars already up to $ 26 700 … version with mechanics I would not be considered at all due to the inconvenience of driving on the road and meager equipment, and to the Prestige and Premium package bundles worth a closer look. The first option – it is a necessary and quite sufficient minimum. Six-speed automatic, two airbags, ABS, rear parking sensors, audio and Multifunction. The only thing missing is the stabilization of the system, but it is only available in the most expensive equipment, and is still one and a half thousand green top.
To summarize
After the first acquaintance with the car quite a positive impression. Ethnicity does not make blush, when you come to SsangYong’e to meet with friends on the roads Nomad clearly not falter, and the price / vehicle number is very tempting. It remains only to ride on this car on asphalt and check fuel consumption version with a gun, and then it was too terrible figures appear in the passport data.

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