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Year: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Thriller, Horror
After most of the films of the famous director M. Knight Shyamalan were defeated by critics in the nines, a horror film called “Visit” appeared on the screens. His ratings were very high, returning the director to the system. Following this film in 2017 is expected to release a new thriller “Split”, with a very unusual story.
Kevin – a young guy who, at first glance, completely unremarkable, does not stand out from the bulk of the masses. But in fact it is not so, it has its big secret, which is known by the units. He is a man of many faces, in which 23 different people live, from a nine-year-old child, down to an exquisite lady. All would be nothing, but there are 24 persons, the most terrible and frightening. It is half human, half monster, killing people.
It so happened that this monster, which has not yet awakened, sounded in a deep voice in Kevin’s subconscious, made him commit a crime. The young man kidnapped three teenage girls, and now keeps them locked up. Every day the hostages get acquainted with various personalities who are hiding in the body of the kidnapper. A little more, and they will meet with 24, the last in their life. Will they be able to find them until this moment, and save from a terrible fate, or will their life end on this episode?

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