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Spencer Trit Clark: Biography
The young talent of Hollywood Spencer Trit Clark of those actors who prefer to take not the number of roles, but their quality. In his filmography, not so much work, but each – memorable. “Gladiator” Ridley Scott, “The Mysterious River” by Clint Eastwood, “Nurse” by David Ross – this is only part of the film, which flashed an actor, whose bright film career has long been foreshadowed by critics.

Childhood and youth
Spencer Trit Clark was born on September 24, 1987 in New York, USA. Spencer’s parents are not related to cinema, but the elder sister Eliza Clark is a famous playwright and screenwriter.

Children and adolescent years of the guy were in Connecticut. Here he graduated from Hindley Elementary School Elementary School in Darien. Then he moved to Taft School in Watertown.

Filming in television and film projects Spencer began in childhood. The debut is his role in the film “It Was Him or Us” – the young actor was 8 years old. Further, his career is developing rapidly. Already in 1999, he immediately received 2 roles in the pictures that became hits for hire.

Spencer played the little Grant – the son of the protagonist Michael Faraday in the anti-terrorist drama “Road to Arlington”: the famous father Jeff Bridges became the screen father of the actor. Also, young Clark appeared in the role of Mattie in the detective drama “Double Miscalculation” with Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones in the lead roles.

After graduating from school, Spencer entered the prestigious Columbia University in New York and studied political science and economics. After graduating, the guy continued his film career.

The rise of his youthful film career was the work of Hollywood master Ridley Scott in the epic drama Gladiator (2000). Clark played the young Lucius Vera – stepbrother of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. This experience has become truly dizzying for the young actor. Stars such as Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Oliver Reed, Richard Harris became his partners. The film, which took 5 Oscar awards and collected more than $ 450 million in worldwide hire, to this day is the loudest work in Spencer’s career.

Immediately after “Gladiator”, the action “Immune” comes out on screens with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson in the lead roles. The hero of Spencer, Joseph – the son of the main character of David Dunn. One fine day, Joseph is amazed to find out that his father has the physical powers of a superhero and decides to experience how limitless his possibilities are.

After filming with Clint Eastwood in the crime drama “The Mysterious River” in 2003, Spencer plays in the film “Pet.” This tape was filmed by director Kevin Beiken based on Victoria Redell’s novel “Honey”.

Clark’s hero, 16-year-old Paul, suffers from the obsessive love of his mother Emily. Her love for her son borders on madness. In order not to let the child go from herself, she does not even give him up to school, does not allow her to play with other children. In one fateful day, this leads to tragedy. The actor perfectly coped with the complex psychological role and deserved the universal recognition of critics.

After a small role in the independent film “Nannies” in 2007, Clark first appeared in a negative manner. His hero Justin in the crime thriller “The Last House on the Left” (2009) is the son of a runaway criminal, a weak weak-willed creature who becomes a tool in the hands of a monster-father. And again, critics make many compliments regarding the acting of Clark.

The guy is really not looking for easy and homogeneous roles. In the choice of character for him the inner drama of the character is important. And, having understood her, he seeks to reveal the image more deeply, not sparing his acting talent. So it was during the work on the film “Recalcitrant,” in which he and Nick Eversman played two brothers, Nate and Skylar, respectively, who during the hunt accidentally fired at the mayor of their town. The shot was fatal. And although his older brother Neith produced, the younger one takes the blame.

In the Spencer filmography, there are films of horror genre. So, in 2013-2014, the guy acts in films “The Last Exile of the Devil: The Second Coming” and “The City that Feared to Decline.”

In 2015, the actor will take the long stand on the set of the “Agents of Sh.I.T.” series, which tells about the struggle of the anti-terrorist organization “Shch.I.T.” and the criminal syndicate “GIDRA”. Spencer embodied the image of Werner von Strucker, the son of Wolfgang von Strucker’s HIDRA executive.

After the death of his father, Werner is trying to establish the work of a crime machine. The actor played in the project 3 seasons, until 2018, and due to the popularity of the show, he increased his army of fans at least twice.

In 2016, Clark appears in the new animal kingdom “Animal Kingdom” teledram about the life of Cody’s criminal family, which is run by mother Janine (Ellen Barkin). Smurf – that’s what everyone calls a woman – the head of a gang of thugs, consisting of her native and adoptive sons. Her youngest son Diran is a secret homosexual. The character of his lover Adrian got Spencer Trit Clark. The actor in this project has a regular role.

Personal life
Fans love their idol, but do not forgive him, perhaps, only one feature – stealth. The guy does not like to disclose details of his biography, and even more so – to share the facts of his personal life. Fans are in vain looking for the answer to the question – who is his girlfriend. Clark leaves the topic of his wife and children, even in an interview with venerable journalists.

Therefore, as soon as a new female photo appears in the artist’s Instagram, rumors about a new movie star’s fascination with incredible blue-green eyes begin to circulate.

Clark now lives in Los Angeles. He enjoys traveling, playing guitar, riding mountain bikes and playing hockey.

Spencer Trit Clark now
In 2019, Spencer once again starred in the role of Joseph Dunn in the film “Glass” – the sequel to “Invulnerable.” His hero helps his father – superhero David Dunn (Bruce Willis) – to fight crime.

A new wave of crime – the abduction of young girls – is associated with another villain who is operating in the city, Kevin Crumb, nicknamed the Horde (James McEvoy). David and Joseph have a difficult job to do to eliminate evil.

Spencer Trit Clark also continues to appear in the series “The Kingdom of Animals”.

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