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South Russian Sheepdog

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It can bind something in common dazzling beauty of South Russian Shepherd with long white hair and fine-wool sheep? Hasty conclusions will not be allowed to come to the correct answer, because it is known only to those who are familiar with Russian history. Lift the veil of appearance of dogs South Russian Shepherd breed and see their photos, is offered to all who are interested in the domestic breeds of hunting dogs.
South Russian Shepherd Dog Breed History
At the end of the 18th century in Russia begin to move the Germans and the Dutch, at the invitation of Catherine II itself. Foreigners were driven into the Russian steppes large flocks of fine-wool sheep. In addition to the shepherds with herds certainly were white shaggy dog. They deftly managed with a huge flock. The population of up to 1,500 pieces could graze one person in whose assistant was 4 – 5 dogs. The date of the appearance in Russia of Brudastov haired dogs considered in 1762.
This is just one of the versions of the appearance of the breed, because the story has never been unambiguous. Researchers found the breed and one possible way of entering the Russian dogs these predecessors. In 1797 Paul I issued a decree, which requires immediate dilution in the territory of the Tauride province of Spanish fine-wool sheep and dogs acquiring party from Spain, which are specialized in grazing herds, protect it from predators.
Not left unchecked among the numerous versions and the name of the Duke of Anhalt Friedrich Ferdinand received a piece of land in the Tauride province and independently zavezshego to sheep with dogs “sheep” breed.
Whichever way they came, livestock data in Russia, but originally shepherds were never called. Further to enhance the performance qualities of these alien knitted with the stronger breeds. The result is a beautiful white beauty, perfectly capable to serve for the protection of the herd. Only in 1893 did Sabaneev canine breed description and called it South Russian Shepherd. In 1913, the breed went to the first show, and not just anywhere, but right in Paris. In 1931 South Russian Shepherd breed has received the approved standard.
Appearance South Russian Ovcharka
Modern South Russian Shepherd refers to large long-haired dogs and a bit different from its predecessors. She has a well-developed muscles and strong bones, covered with steel muscles. Although wool hides the dog’s body and makes it impossible to see small details, it says that the breed is big and strong, since it is not deduced for human amusement, and to assist in the work. Males in the withers reaches about 65 cm, females slightly smaller – 62 cm.
A distinctive feature of the dog is its thick wool cover, which color varies from white to gray. With this coloration allowed all sorts of shades:
White and yellow
Pale yellow
White and gray
White with yellow or gray spots
Dog resembles a sheep, because the length of the wool from these animals at least 10 cm. This woolen coat is excellent saves from overheating and possible hypothermia, from rain and moisture. Predator does not injure the dog with his tusks, because he could not get through the barrier wool. Even long hair on the face, we need to prairie dust and sand do not fall into the eye.
The character and temperament of the breed of South Russian Shepherd
Beauty South Russian Shepherd evident when we first met with the breed, but further communication with animals proves that near the beautiful appearance adjoins a strong character and a special South Russian temperament. The breed is quite independent. They were initially given a quality nature. Moreover, the trained dogs could for a few days without the presence of herds graze near the person. At such times, they had to make decisions without the assistance of the owner. The work is extremely important, but in training this behavior makes it unmanageable. To be afraid of such a daring manifestation in nature is hardly experienced zavodik Shepherd is because the dog is smart, as soon as she feels close to the strong-willed owner admires her character, she becomes submissive.
Dog characteristic sensitive hearing. Should her ears something to grasp as an immediate response may be unpredictable. At such times, it tends to show his wayward character and disobey the master.
The ability to make independent decisions may be used when the dog home protection. Here it manifests itself as a great defender of the house and would not let anyone into the territory, while the owner will not allow the team. The large area to protect from the South Russian dog, the more confident she felt. No object will be left without attention to her, no matter how far away she was.
Care white shepherd
Taking home South Russian Ovcharka, immediately have to face the constant grooming. Once the puppy is a little older, he begins to fade. The first molt occurs about eight-month age. Prior to this, it is necessary to teach youngsters return to the comb, or puppies will not sit peacefully, while there is a process of removing the drop-down undercoat. Old dead coat should definitely all combed otherwise become visible unsightly shreds, affecting the appearance of the animal. These mats will have to cut out. You can imagine how in such care will look like this luxury dog accustomed to feel beautiful.
To cope with such unruly hair can be difficult at first, or in preparation for an exhibition breed. There is nothing better than a professional grooming South Russian Shepherd.
Walking required in the daily care of the South Russian Shepherd. This breed without movement turns into a passive animal with tired eyes. The lack of physical activity leads to the development of diseases and shortens the life of your pet. Want to favorite Shepherd lived for at least 15 – 17 years old, she counted out the nature, will have to walk it regularly.
Relations between South Russian Shepherd and others
Like most of the Shepherds, South Russian rock nourishes love only to one master. It is for her idol and master. His commands are executed implicitly. family members do not cause the dog hostility, but love in all it lacks. Here it is worth considering whether to take the house of South Russian Ovcharka, if children live there. A dog can be a danger to them as a little child will want to play with her or cuddle in the absence of adults. Even if the dog is properly socialized, it could still threaten the safety of children as it is very large and can push the baby.
His pets, which South Russian dog grows, it does not move, but with someone else does not want to get along. Even in a pack of dogs work it is not always comfortable, because I want to constantly dominate. Especially pronounced becomes a feeling, if the animals in leash developed physically weaker.
He does not like and does not tolerate breed South Russian Shepherd strangers. It is not necessary to touch. It is enough to make her suspicious and she can pounce without any warnings. This dog – the leader in the number of victims bitten by dogs.

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