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Sophie Turner: Biography
British actress Sophie Turner was born on February 21, 1996 in Northamptonshir County. But in the old Northampton, the administrative center of the county, passed only the first 2 years of her life. Then the family moved to the county of Warwickshire in the heart of England.
In Sophie’s family were not artists. My mother worked as a teacher in a kindergarten for children with special needs, and the Pope led a small agricultural business. Sophie was the youngest child in the family. Two older brothers took care of little sister and always took it with him to his boyish games. Later, Turner described these years as a carefree and cheerful. Near the house, located barns, corrals and pigsties, and the children did not miss the opportunity to dig in the dirt.
When she was 3 years old, my mother took her to the children’s theater “Pleyboks”, which create a great atmosphere. Young artists are able to develop freely. They did not impose outdated patterns of acting.
Sophie Turner studied in a normal school, where he immediately joined a drama club. The most memorable of the early school years, which protects and actress today – an amateur production of “The Wizard of Oz”, where she got the role of the Scarecrow.
In 11 years, Sophie Turner went to school, where I studied only girls. This school also had a theater workshop in which future Hollywood star immediately signed up. Young artists performed in local theater “Pleyboks”. It is at this stage began the creative career of the future star of British cinema.
One of acting teacher told the girls to audition for a role in a new TV project scale. 15-year-old Sophie Turner was eager to try his hand, and took part in the trials. She successfully passed them and was admitted to the role of Sanz in “Game of Thrones” TV series.
The wide popularity and cinematic biography Sophie Turner begins this sensational film. The role of the family Sansa Stark brought first fame and the first earnings. The project was one of the largest in the history of series. The fact that the young actress had to disguise from blonde to redhead did not bother her. Moreover, the “copper” color perfectly complement the image of Sophie Turner, and since it does not change the color of fire, which brought her incredible popularity.
With the release in theaters “Game of Thrones” young actress received not only world famous, but also financial independence. Sophie Turner was able to buy a small apartment in the center of London.
During the filming of the blockbuster time on set did not allow the girl to go to school. Therefore, she had to finish the training remotely. Despite a successful career, Briton not going to stop the learning process. Sophie Turner plans to continue their education at the university, where she would like to study in depth the history and psychology.
2013 Sophie brought a new wave of popularity. She starred in the thriller “The Other I” and the mystical drama “The Thirteenth Tale”, in which she got to the image of the heroine named Adeline.
Career Sophie Turner continued to grow in 2015. The actress starred in the popular action movie “particularly dangerous.” In this adventure tape partners Turner on set were already known Staynfild Hailey, Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson.
The only thing that most do not like young actress – is required outputs on the red carpet. Sophie admitted that she feels uncomfortable when she addressed thousands of eyes and have to pose for the cameras.
In 2016, Turner fans were able to enjoy the game in its melodrama “Alone”, a biographical drama “Monster Mary Shelley” and fiction blockbuster “X-Men: Apocalypse”. The last project she played the girl-mutant Jean Grey, who controlled the telepathic abilities.
And in 2012th came second season of “Game of Thrones”, which reappeared haired idol of the public Sophie Turner. In an interview, she admitted that she wants to play two legendary film stars Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.
Personal life
The famous Briton, whose career in the film industry continues to evolve rapidly, does not like to share private secrets. She claims that she has no time for novels, because the time on the set is huge.
It is indeed true, but still pushy paparazzi say that personal life Sophie Turner, too, does not stand still. Hollywood beauty attributed to the romantic touch with colleagues Jackie Gleason and Kit Harington, with whom she met on the set in different projects.
And in 2014, Turner began to notice often in the company of a backing singer of pop group «The Vamps» James McVeigh. Together the pair appeared at festivals and rock parties. When Sophie is in London, all its output carries with James. But the couple does not comment on their relationship and keeps the intrigue than warms to his even greater interest.

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