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Sophia Lillis: Biography
Sophia Lillis, a cute red-haired girl, more like a boy, woke up famous in the summer of 2017: a picture taken from the impressive novel by Stephen King appeared on the big screens of America. The most anticipated premiere of the year did not disappoint: the director Anders Musketti managed to convey the idea and atmosphere of the work of the genius of horror.

Sofia is assigned the role of Beverly Marsh – the only girl in the company of teenagers, members of the “Club of losers”. Critics gave the highest ratings to the actress’s game: the girl showed herself better than her peers and partners in the film. Lillis also believes that this role has become a bright spot in the creative biography – it turned out brilliantly to reveal the character of the schoolgirl, who has difficult relationships with classmates.

A global star has just caught fire, so journalists have not yet managed to get the detailed details of Lillis’s childhood and personal life. Little is known. Sophia was born on February 13, 2002 in the American town of Crown Heights, in a respectable family. With stepbrother Philip on friendly terms. He was raising a stepfather to a girl, and he became a guide to the world of cinema. It all started with the filming of a short film that was just filmed by stepfather.

The picture was seen by few, but remained impressed by the game of the girl, like her parents. At the family council, it was decided that acting talent would certainly require development – this is how Sophia got into the studio of the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in Manhattan. At the school, another “raw” actress was noticed by one of the teachers and recommended to his New York friend who was filming his thesis.

“I didn’t know what I was getting involved in, I just went after him,” admits Lillis in an interview with WWD. So began a career in cinema.
The girl’s filmography does not yet shine with diversity, however, she still has everything ahead, with such data quickly gaining weight in the cinema, critics and senior colleagues in the workshop are confident. The list has only five pictures. For the first time in the full-length movie, she played in 2014 – she got a role in the Shakespearean film adaptation of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Interestingly, films with Sofia, with rare exceptions, have a “dark” plot.

For example, a worthy place in American cinema was taken by the film “37”, shot in 2016 based on real history. The multi-figure drama tells about the murder of a girl witnessed by 37 people.

Lillis confessed to journalists that she did not understand why the “terrible” topic was following her. For her, this is a new side of life. After all, childhood, which is still, in fact, continues, happy – with good parents, friends, great opportunities for realization.

“It seems to me that I am drawn to terrible things,” she says. “But, I don’t mind.”
And here is the fateful role of Beverly Marsh … A puny girl 1.52 meters tall, with short red hair and a face strewn with freckles, like no one better suited for the image of an ally of a gang of juvenile outcasts who are waiting for a dreadful summer in the struggle with an evil creature. Young actors did not see a terrible clown until the filming of their scenes – according to the director’s idea, the horror must be genuine.

Lillis admits that the character no doubt caused fear. But there was no trace of him, when Bill Skarsgard in PennyVayz’s make-up nicely said: “Hi, how are you?”. The process of filming and what the viewer saw on the screen are different things, the set was full of people, the guys felt safe. Work in the picture of Sofia was easy, colleagues helped and suggested how to play this or that scene correctly.

“I was surrounded by sympathetic people who understood that the guys and I were standing at the beginning of their creative path,” she says.
The actress watched the film “Ono” twice. At the premiere gathered not only the representatives of the film crew and actors, relatives and close friends, but also friends from school, neighbors, friends of the parents.

The girl told the WWD correspondent that her nerves were on the edge, all the more she was taken aback when she saw her face from a large screen — she didn’t represent her image that way. Despite her young age, Sophia Lillis already gives advice to novice actors, who, however, will suit the average person:

“Do not sit still, visit new places, comprehend new things. Managing your own life is not an easy job, especially when there is still a student, but it’s worth it. ”
The girl is sure that novice actors are required to acquire as many skills as possible and not to spare time for this. For example, she had to learn roller skating for the role of Beverly, for a week to comprehend the basics of cheerleading.

Personal life
After filming in the film that had already collected millions in fees, Sophia returned to her previous life as an ordinary teenager. Soon she had to plunge into school everyday life.

On this occasion, jokes that in conversations on the topic “How I spent the summer” will have to talk about the unforgettable hide and seek from the evil clown.

The main heroine of the “horror” has not recently been interested in social networks, but after the project they took a firm place in her life. Actively leads “Instagram”. By the way, it is dominated by black and white photos. This fact is explained by the fact that even while working at “Ono”, she took a professional camera from her stepfather and fell in love with this shooting mode. Sophia recently started a Twitter page, but she didn’t like the resource – she uploaded one photo, said: “I’ll try this whole twitter thing,” and she calmed down.

In the school where the girl studies, there is a theater studio where she sings and dances. In the piggy bank of hobbies include playing the piano, drawing (although it is recognized in the restlessness, to spend time with a pencil in hand, it is enough for a while). He even takes lessons in roller skating. Among the idols of the young actress – Bill Murray and Steve Martin.

“I love comedians,” she said in Issue magazine.
Shooting summer was reflected in the circle of Lillis’s friends, he replenished with her “fellow losers” in the film, with whom she spent several months side by side in real time. Jaden Liberer, Jack Grazer, Finn Wulfard – they keep in touch with everyone closely, the guys write on the Internet, congratulate each other on their birthdays by phone.

Sophia Lillis is now
Soon, viewers will again see Sophia on the screen, only this time not the cinema, but the television sets. Immediately after filming “It”, the actress received a proposal to participate in the HBO television series Sharp Objects (“Sharp Objects”). She will play Camilla Priker in his youth, the role of the adult main character went to Amy Adams.

Lillis plans for the future are connected with his acting career. It is hoped that the next role will be “less depressing” in the film with a pleasant plot. He dreams of acting with his favorite directors – Whit Stillman and Wes Anderson. According to the actress, they can be safely attributed to the geniuses of cinema.

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