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Sofia Boutella

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Sofia Boutella – Frenchwoman of Algerian origin, is one of the most popular dancers of hip-hop and break-dance in the world!
Sofia began as a street dancer in Paris, today it stands at the top stage with stars such as Justin Timberlake, Jamiroquai, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Black Eyed Peas.
She participated in the filming of video clips of Madonna and accompanied the queen of pop music in the world tour.
“The tenacity with which Madonna has worked tirelessly” divided Sophie, “it is the key to everything.
It is very care about the moral and physical condition of his dancers, knows how to have a good time with them. ”
She was born April 3, 1982 in Algiers.
From 5 years old I started practicing classical dance. Her father, Sophie Boutell composer and choreographer.
“My father,” said Sophie, “the musician, composer Safy Boutella. In many ways it has influenced me, including my passion for art in general, introduced me to the music of various styles. When I was little, he told me: “I’m going to wash your ears!”. And he turned to me music, taught me the true muzyku.On remain faithful to my heart that I was doing. And do not forget their roots. ”
Sofia started dancing very early: as a child she was dancing in Algeria, after moving to France when she was 10 years old, became involved in gymnastics, and even took part in the championship of France. .
At age 17 she began to study at the sports school, then I decided to try himself in hip-hop, and, as time has shown that the decision was correct.
Her physique quickly allowed her to win a few battles (competitions) for hip-hop. Then all it developed fairly quickly: Sofia managed to work with a renowned choreographer Bianca Li (among her works staged choreography for the video Daft Punk “Around the world”) and star in the movie “Le defi” (2002).
This was followed by two more small roles in “Permis d’amier” and “Les Cordier, juge et flic”.
But the real success came later, when Sofia saw Jimmy King, when she came to the casting of Nike, just for fun.
The girl, who trained before Vetrin Nike in a shopping center, became the face of a world leader.
“We danced in the mall, on kafyelnom floor and people leaving their Cinemas, threw our coins and stopped to see It was the first public vytuplenie, a way to show off And then my friends came running up and said -.. Probably go, you’re there in the window! ”
Sofia disaccustomed 2 years at the Actors Studio in Paris. Then within 3 years – in the Stella Adler and the Actor Circle Thetre. Twice she was climbing the stairs in Cannes. He currently lives in Los Angeles and recently completed his tour with Madonna.
Sofia started its journey with breykdansa, and soon it was the best b-girl in the world. Not stopping at this, gradually mastered the other existing styles, and it brought her great success.
Sofia called the girl overcame gravity, and looking at her dancing, you know that there is nothing nesovershimogo.
Sofia, that in your understanding of street dance?
“It’s funky, break, street, hip-hop – Sofia Boutella explains the star of an advertising campaign Nike Women, working on dancer Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake. – In pure form, these dances are rare. I personally, for example, mix all styles. In any combinations and proportions? It depends on my mood, a kind of music and I dance with someone and it should come from the depths of your heart. One day I was told that I will never be a dancer and that I ought to do something else … “

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