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Nature very carefully ordered in respect of zones habitat of certain animal species. Since kangaroos in the wild lives only in Australia, only yaks in the Pamirs, polar bears at the North Pole, penguins in the Antarctic, and the camels in the desert.
These animals for thousands of years of its existence, adapted to local conditions and they are ideal for them. On the American continent, too, there are several animal species found only there and nowhere else. One of these is a skunk.
Most people know a skunk is basically just as the most foul-smelling animal in the world. For this reason, the skunk is quite rarely seen in zoos, although it is quite cute and harmless creature.
Skunks – it is a separate family of mammals of the order predators. There are striped skunks svinonosye and spotted skunks.
The biggest is svinonosye skunks, their weight is 4 – 5 kg. The smallest – spotted weighing from 200 g to 1 kg. The most common and striped hooded skunk. This is a fairly large and stocky animals, their length can be up to 40 cm. So that even when the tail of 20-30 cm. Their weight from 1.5 to 5 kg.
On paws have skunks large curved claws, which they can easily dig.
They have long, dense and hard fur. On the back of the head to the tail white stripes. Under tail in skunks are glands that produce a liquid with a disgusting smell. This is his weapon. When the skunk is in danger, he turns his back to the enemy, raises the tail and in sniper accurately jetted this disgusting-smelling stream of up to 3 m right on target. If this fluid gets in your eyes, the enemy at the time of going blind, and the smell of this liquid is so stable that it is impossible to deduce nothing more than a few days. That’s why skunks almost no enemies. Although sometimes it can fall prey to a hungry coyote, cougar or a large bird of prey.

Where lives – lives
Skunk lives almost throughout North America from Canada to Mexico. They live mainly in the forest, preferring mastered by people place. Skunks are omnivores, they prey on small rodents, fish, ruining the nest, sometimes does not disdain and carrion. But it could eat grass, leaves, any fruits and nuts. Lead is mainly nocturnal life, so it is easier to get food at night. In nature, skunks are short-lived, 2-3 years. Lately, many keep skunks as pets, after removing their anal glands that produce odorous secret. But some owners do not pay attention to it and leaves the skunk his “weapon”. At home, skunks can live 5-6 years. However, some US states have skunks as pets is illegal, because it is believed that skunks can be carriers of rabies.
But this does not mean that the skunk can not become a pet! It’s a very good-natured and sociable animal with it, with a very sweet temper. If domestic cats or dogs can sometimes be a character, a dog can chew shoes, cat scratch the furniture, the skunk or when it does not. Skunks are very loyal and affectionate. They do not hurt other pets and small children. Most often, the opposite is true. Therefore, make sure that the animals were harmed during the game.
Encourage your pet to the hands from the first minute dating. So you teach the animal to trust you. Skunks never bite its master. They are responsive to affection and love, when they play with them. For games buy toys in the stores of goods for the animals. Suit all kinds of balls, big arms and sticks. Try to choose a toy is medium in size with a minimum of small parts to the skunk did not bitten off and eaten. Skunks need a cell where he can feel safe. Do not disturb the animals during sleep and rest. Do not forget to lay in a cage out of dry grass to animal could bury it. Leave the cage open so that the pet can move freely around the house. You can not be afraid for house plants or furniture – skunks nothing ever hurt, but they can move. You will be surprised how this neat animals. They do not leave garbage and chew things.
Do not forget that the skunk is a nocturnal animal. If you do not want it to wake you up at night to play, then close the door to the bedroom. The animal itself is able to entertain themselves in the presence of toys. It is not necessary to accustom the animal to sleep at night. He eventually reconstructed under your daily routine. Large claws need skunk not to protect, but for food production. They do not scratch like cats. To deliver pet unnecessary inconvenience, trim the nails once a week nail nippers. The procedure is absolutely painless for the animal.
Remember that in the winter in the wild skunks hibernate. At home, this does not happen, but the animal needs much more time to sleep and less food. skunk’s diet consists of insects and roots of the plant that is quite difficult to ensure. Feed your pet a boiled chicken, vegetables, dried fruits and seeds. Skunks are very fond of porridge and berries. Pamper your pet! If you have no time to cook, the skunk with pleasure eats dry food for dogs. But it is the diet from one fast food just is not worth. They lead to the development of kidney stones.
Skunks do not require any special vaccinations. Can vaccinations for dogs according to the standard plan. Twice a year worth giving de-worming drugs, even if the animal is not to walk. Walking for skunk great stress. When they removed the prostate, they can not protect themselves from dogs and cats manner familiar to them. If you need to transport the animal, then do it in a cage for cats. Domestic animals are very shy.
Do not bring home the skunk over the age of two. On the domestication may take a long time. Adult animals that live in the wild, wary of humans. You can not build a relationship of trust with him. Juveniles on the contrary, very easily tamed and teachable. They will make an excellent campaign for home gatherings and games. Skunks are quite aggressive and very kind to all. It is necessary to remember that, by inviting guests. The animal can be very frightening, loud sounds and unfamiliar faces, then it will fall into a long slumber and apathy.
When caring for him, you will have a nice house, a good little animals, pleasing your household.

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