Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Backgrounds

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

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City of Basin City in the movie Sin City 2 online is at a crossroads. Here come the miners in search of gold dust. Passing vicious place fail. After all, the traveler is usually in the money, or he has a standing idea or any secrets. Gold miners sometimes try to get through the cordons of Basin City. They do this in order to survive. Many people can not get around the city of debauchery. Place completely rotten from orgies and corruption. The faces of good and evil united in one monolithic skein. Identify the sinners and the righteous is becoming increasingly difficult. The oldest city is still the heart of Sin. Here ruled prostitutes. The rest of the inhabitants are engaged in looting, robbery, banditry and prostitution. The police – is a solid band that is trying to cash in on visitors earner of golden sand. They attribute guests imaginary crimes. In order to escape punishment, suspected to part with the accumulated gold. Any history of the local residents can end badly and sadly. Until old age live very few residents. Municipality rotted down on corruption. Young people go astray in a gang to survive. They are rampant in the doorways and on the Avenue, inducing fear in onlookers and passers-by.
Review: The only thing that you hear when going to watch the movie Sin City 2: A woman, for which there is a kill. The first film takes place on a golden shelf of my collection. As to the second part, it was an order of magnitude weaker. Treat it should be exactly as the direct continuation of the story that ended in the first film. Replacement of actors is quite logical. Still, between the two parts of history there was a gap of nine years. But not too nice this phenomenon looks. If you watch the movie as a separate picture, everything is quite well. The cast, if not to look back to the first part, very strong. The plot is … Well, the plot went wrong thing. Personally, I thought prolonged action. Perhaps the reason is offscreen speeches, which sometimes euthanized. The very black and white picture looks quite elegant and still very stylish. In general, the film can be evaluated on four points out of five. See if it is not in the cinema, at home in any of the free evenings quietly.

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