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This tiny mammal spread everywhere and even found high in the mountains and tundra. Each animal has its own “hunting grounds” and leads a lonely life. He lives in an abandoned mouse or mole burrows, and in the woods – in a bed of fallen leaves.
A distinctive feature of shrews – an intensive exchange of substances, which is why they eat so much that the weight of food absorbed during the day is 6 times greater than the weight of the animal. Without food shrew may last only 11 chasov.Zemleroyka eats quite diverse, but prefers its insect menu, bringing tangible benefits to gardeners by eating insects and their larvae. Due to the poisonous secret allocated gland located at the base of tail, shrew can destroy the lizard, frog and even a small rodent. Due to the poisonous secretions, which has an unpleasant odor, cats avoid eating shrews, although in the heat of the hunting passion sometimes pounce on them. Not averse animals eat plant seeds and other plant foods. For this purpose serves as the proboscis, which undermines the shrew ground and chews the roots and the roots of many crops, causing considerable damage to farmers.
Given that sexually mature females are to achieve year and are able to reproduce about 14 pups at a time, you can imagine what damage gardeners are able to bring these settlers. Curiously, the caring mother from time to time change the seat of the young. When the family moved to the next hole, the mother led the procession for her first baby clings to the tail, and every subsequent keeps teeth prior to the back. So peculiar way they move.
Due to the intensive metabolism of these babies is short, about two years old, life. Autumn often die older individuals, and in the winter many die young. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the shrews do not fall into a deep sleep, so in the spring are the strongest and most durable osobi.Vse same, considering the high fertility and voracity of an animal, gardeners should think about how to deal with it.
There are many different ways to deal with the shrew. You can use poisons, but their use in the area where they grow food crops is unlikely to be opravdano.Suschestvuyut and mechanical methods of combating shrew, in the form of various kinds of turntables, makes a noise when windy weather. If turntables work depends on the weather, the special electronic devices make it possible to create a low-frequency noise is constant. The human ear can not hear, and the shrew can not bear such a noise and goes to uchastka.Mozhno try and folk remedies: the kitchen garden throw rotten herring, plant legumes, or add water mink. Among all these old recipes are particularly effective marigolds, the smell of which can not tolerate a shrew. Therefore, planting marigolds on your site, you can not only get rid of the voracious animal, but also beautify the garden area or estate.

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