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Shih Tzu – a small dog with long hair. The arrogant expression muzzle along with smooth movements arrogant give representatives of this breed aristocratic look. No wonder it is considered that, initially, these dogs are bred only for the sake of the emperor. Despite the small size Shih Tzu – this is not a decorative dog. His character is quite complex, and intelligence several times this figure rises in dogs of other breeds.
One theory is considered the birthplace of shih tzu Tibet. However, some researchers have a version that it was brought here from Byzantium in 800 years of the district. e. In other words, at the roots of the breed in Europe.
In the 17th century, the Dalai Lama gave a few puppies to the Chinese emperor. Since for many years it was considered the imperial breed, as these animals could only belong to members of the imperial family. However, sometimes, as a reward, the king gave the puppies their officials, but only for special services. By the way, according to legend, shih tzu accompanied by the Buddha in his travels.
In Europe, the dog appeared in the 20th century. It brought back from China the Norwegian ambassador, who went to the puppy as a gift. He tried to get a few more individuals to be able to engage in breeding the breed. It was the ambassador began promoting the breed in Europe, which at the time of it practically does not hear anything.
For the first time the club shih tzu opened in the UK in 1933. The first description of the account in 1948. In Russia, the breed has become increasingly popular, especially due to the fact that its members give birth to many celebrities. The advantages of shih tzu is not only aristocratic, but also compact dimensions allow to keep it even in small apartments.
One of the versions of the origin of the dog is a crossing Apso Pekingese. Although clearly fidelity of this hypothesis is not confirmed. With a dog Chinese name means “lion”, in fact, it looks a bit similar to this regal animal, many times exceeding its size.
Head held high and leisurely flowing movements to give representatives of this breed of noble origin. Short square muzzle wrinkle something like a chrysanthemum flower with which it is often compared. The shih tzu withers reaches no more than 27 cm and its weight varies between 4.5-7.5 kg.
According to the standard colors are permitted representatives of the breed. Moreover, it is desirable that the forehead and the tip of the tail have spotted colors were white specks. White color have shih tzu valued most.
From an early age puppies are very attached to their owners. They are showing much more interest to people than to animals. Despite its small size, it is strong and hardy dog. Due to the compact size and the nature of loving good watchdog of the shih tzu not work. As a child of the breed leaping and barking loudly. Growing up, they rarely give voice. When leaving the owner of the door could be heard whining softly.
Young children shih tzu perceive as their own kind and very playful with them, almost without listening to commands. In addition, the difference between toddlers and older children understand the doggies will be difficult, with the result that the game can turn into a pretty tough and not end very well.
Dog Character differ independence and freedom. Despite this, they are easy to contact with all members of the family, and even strangers. It is very important from the early days show Shih Tzu who is the boss in the house, otherwise she quickly took the lead. To teach a dog obedience will be very difficult in the future.
Excellent representatives of this breed get along with other pets. It would be correct to say that most of the animals, they simply ignore, considering them unworthy of their attention. This situation allows to eliminate aggressive behavior among the favorites. Several puppies shih tzu, especially staying together since childhood, experiencing together something like a friendship. They do not mind to play together, “communicate” with each other.
Caring for Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu dogs are considered to be among centenarians. With proper care their life span can reach 20 years. Wool is the subject of this breed pride. It is long enough despite a slight increase in the dog itself. Accustom to combing need puppies from an early age. In the future, this procedure must be performed on a daily basis.
At the beginning of the wool moistened with an atomizer (it can be done with water or with a special air-conditioned). Then the owner will need to take a massage brush and a comb with big teeth. Comb the hair in parts, starting from the roots and to the tips. Particular attention should be paid to the problem areas: for the ears, on his stomach. Wool, which is located around the muzzle and on the back of his head, collected in the “tail”. This is done for two reasons: firstly, to while eating it is not dirty, and secondly – not to injure the dog’s eyes. Those who make a ponytail dogs yourself, you must make sure that he was not tightened much difficulty.
Exhibition Shih Tzu will need to do the following procedures:
Bathing every week,
The hair on the head and mustache after bathing in the non-durable while wrapped in curlers,
Walking their dogs is recommended in overalls, made of silk,
For wool use the air conditioner or oil.
Caring for a dog-companion easier. Bathe it as pollution. After a meal you need to wipe his mustache, and after walking – legs. Shih tzu owner, who does not plan to put the pet may well make him a haircut.
Shih Tzu does not require strong physical exertion. Therefore, the representative of the breed is considered to be an ideal pet for those who live in the apartment. However, the fresh air is still useful for dogs, and therefore 2-3 walks a week, you can still perform. Representatives of this breed is almost odorless “skunk”. A long hair shedding will not be a particular problem with regular wet cleaning.
It is recommended to determine the pet’s own territory, which can be set cot and toys. It is desirable that it was located near the master bed. Although in most cases the dog will automatically find the zone in which will feel as comfortable as possible.
Claws shih tzu must be trimmed about every 10 days. This procedure can be combined with a regular clipping the fur around the paws. Require special care dog eyes. They’re at it, as well as the Pekingese, convex. In this connection, they can be easily damaged by scratching careless movement or due to ingress of wool.
If we talk about cleanliness, the shih tzu can surpass this performance, even on its host. These dogs are very accurate and can not stand a mess. Most often, shih tzu acquired a purely decorative function. However, very quickly the representatives of this breed love conquer all households and gladly meet their devotion and affection.

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